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Old Jan 6, 2019   #1
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What goals do you plan to accomplish in 2019 and what steps do you plan to take in order to accomplish those goals?
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I plan on learning the new interface of blender 2.8 and learning new texturing techniques for my CG art. In general, I'd like to be a better CG artist. I'll most likely take some courses online as well as dedicating 30-60 minutes a day to blender (software) usage.

So far, I'm starting 2019 off pretty on track.
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Leave Brazil and start a master in finance or business administration in Ireland (more likely), France or Germany. UK would also be a possibility, but the pound is way too expensive for me.

Steps already done:
- EU passport;
- Half (or more than half) of the funding done;

Steps needed to be taken:
- Submit a paper and/or application with interview;
- Get a score above 7 on IELTS;
- Get job's permission to leave the country (I work at the government and there is a huge shitload of bureaucracy for anything);
- Basically the other half of the money.

If this don't work out in 2019, I'll postpone the master to 2020 and that's life.
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Old Jan 8, 2019   #4
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Moving to Melbourne next month to team up with a talented female singer my cousin knows. Write some duets and try to get signed to a label by the end of the year.

This is my BIG year, time to breakout.
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Old Jan 8, 2019   #5
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I don't like planning too much but my goals are pretty much joining college and preferably ensure an "interchange", or whatever it should be called, to graduate in another country.
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Old Jan 8, 2019   #6
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Find a job, buy a new mobile phone and a new pc

Mobile phone am plannin to get is Xiaomi play cheap but its good, lemme know what you think bout it
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Old Jan 8, 2019   #7
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First to pass my exams from this summer, most important shit for me right now and then to get to university. After that i plan on getting a new phone and maybe do some upgrades to my PC, GPU and by the summer time after i'm done with school to travel a lot, to go to a lot of events with my friends and just have fun in general.
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Old Jan 8, 2019   #8
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Basically just do all my Uni work and go with the flow.

Finding a stable part time job would be nice too.
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Old Jan 9, 2019   #9
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Joining national Gendarmerie as a reservist at first (during my studies, after that I’ll join the gendarmerie).

Getting as close as possible to the current Celeste WR speedrun, and atleast get into the top 10
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Old Jan 9, 2019   #10
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making profit by performing music (especially as percussionist), upgrading my stage in college, and trying to get cumlaude this semester, and trying to saving money to buy a new drum and a whole new skateboard set.

I've study step by step for the cumlaude, and doing jamming more and more with different musicians, and I'm planning to take a big step like promote myself and my band to the music studio, records, and stages.

and I made some contacts with pro skater in my country to hang and ckeck spot and making clips together ;)
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