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you dont know me for shit until you read this
Hey everyone!
I am going to cut to the chase and start:

My real name is Chris, no last names because I don't feel like getting raped in my 400$-a-month-via-rent apartment, because someone could easily track me down and poke a hole in my wall with a finger.

I like to play toribash on my free time, because, well, I will explain a little like this....

I have no life, I have no outside-of-toribash/skype life, witch means I have no social life.
Most of my family is dead, so yay.

I do have a girlfriend, but things are complicated.

I don't play any other games BUT toribash.

I started playing toribash a WHILE back, long time ago, but I got banned for being stupid or something. My name back then was Ceviuss, go ahead in look in the ban list for me, probably not in there anymore. (not sure if they refresh it or something)

My history with clans is really freakin simple:
Joined (Haunted), left haunted.
Joined (Midnight), left midnight. (made this clan with my friends)
Joined (MOFF), left (MOFF).
Joined my original clan I made (Midnight), Changed the name to (toribash
) or (tb), and that is where I am right the hell now.

Everyone who does know me knows me as a big, fat, dumb prick.

But I am really good at aikidobigdojo, or abd, aikido, mushu, wushu, and msds.

I am ok at sparring, but nobody does spars anymore.

I am a fucking idiot at parkour though, I look like I have monkey shit in my face I suck so bad at parkour. Like, parkour is the one thing that can bend me over and slap my ass without my permission. It hates me.

I don't really know how known I am on this forum/game, but I wanted to explain my history of being shit on by parkour, and being known as a prick.
Yay me....

I have like no friends besides 1Bio, Chad5319, and Anthony (can't remember toribash name).

I admire Swexxelite, largekilla, xlr80something that I cannot remember, Hampa, Icky, Juha, ImaPirate, Detr3vini (idk how to spell it), and a bunch of other badass guys who will literally bend you over in every mod, and completely demolish your chances of winning that game, and ever having little toribash babies.

I joined this game when a friend was like, "Dumb bitch, go download this fucking game and get the fuck good." So, I listened to him, and downloadd this game.


So yeah, that's how I joined this community.

Anyways, have a horrible day, I hope someone burns your house down, or you get ass-raped, but in other words....


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Welcome back, and I'll see you in-game!

Also, you gotta edit that post soon, cause you're about to get a new friend!
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To be honest sparring is more of a secretive art nowadays.. Some people make server, others just do it on free play.
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Spar me u biichh ;o
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Why was the thread closed? :>
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I dont know whether to cry to this, or laugh...
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Well thats...
Keep enjoying the game Chris!
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Originally Posted by Nate View Post
I dont know whether to cry to this, or laugh...

Sme I would do both at the same time but I feel more cry than laugh...

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You were the first person ever in the ban list?

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Originally Posted by SkypePro View Post
Why was the thread closed? :>


dont open this again
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