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Some new BBCode
Hi, I've whacked together some more fancy-type css garbage that looks nice and now it's implemented as BBCode (thanks suo).


Hovertext :: [hover="<message>"][/hover]

This is a fairly low-key addition to the group. Hovertext works like this (hover over 'this'!).

Code snippets :: [snippet][/snippet]

Another subtle one; this one is just so you can have some nice inline code snippets. Nothing bombastic.

Code :: [code][/code]

An old tag, this one has often being annoying for two reasons: forced scrollbars on overflow, and fixed dimensions. The changes are threefold:
1. The box is now resizable (bottom right)
2. The box will shrink to fit its contents
3. The box now has a dynamic maximum width (try resizing your window) see?

Anchor :: [anchor][/anchor]

Another already existing tag, its been touched up slightly. Use anchor like so:
[gotoanchor="hello"]Go to hello[/gotoanchor]
People clicking on 'go to hello' will be snapped to 'Hello!'. This was already working, the only change is the brief blue highlight when you snap about the place. Try clicking the links above to see it working in this post. Nifty.

Spoiler :: [spoiler="<title>"][/spoiler]

New styling for spoilers, including animated drop and blue highlight.


[ANCHOR="DROP"]Dropdown :: [dropdown="<title>"][/dropdown]

New styling for dropdowns, including animated drop and blue highlight. [item][/item] tags are no longer required, and are now rendered as <div></div> (block level) elements for the sake of backwards compatibility.

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