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Hio Everyone!
Hey guys(and gals), I'm BeanSprout. You might know me, and you might not, but although I'm no newby, I felt the need to post because I never have. As I play more often and get more involved in the Toribash community, the more I face and experience. I guess I can tell a little story about my gaming time here.

It all started when I was watching Markiplier. He was playing a strange game called Toribash. Interesting it was, the way you move your rag doll around to fight and kill your enemies. It was foreign and intriguing. (And free!!!). So I soon downloaded the game and started. At first, it was like a whole new language. Moving joints, ghosts, Gravity, mods, all this junk that I never knew about. It was difficult the first few days, but overtime I got better and better. I worked hard and became a blue belt on my old main: BilboopX. Good times. However, I moved to Kansas and didn't play Toribash for a long time after that. When I finally got back on the computer, I was pumped. It was like opening an old book you read 20 years ago and enjoying the feeling of reaching into the past. Blah blah blah, I became a black belt. At the time, I was the leader of godly. At the time, however, everyone was leaving until all that was left was me and derp. I decided to hand the torch to Derp and pursue another clan. One where I felt at home. WAPOW was the popular option at the time, so I applied. Long story short, I was denied :P. No beef though as I still retain good sportsmanship with all wapowers. Then I joined le. After a promising 4 days, I was denied. I had a hole in my heart for I felt pretty bad. All the effort, to waste. But then, I decided that I wouldn't let this put me down. Now I am stronger then before. I no longer need acceptance, for people accept me. I play with old friends, battle old enemies, and learn new things all the time. Even in the worst, I keep a smile on my face and a deep respect for gamers in general. Sometimes, we gotta fight with kindness. Learning to be optimistic and unfazed by life's challenges will leave you with the upper hand, and able to cope and conquer. I really had to get that out. That's really the reason I posted lol.
...Surely you have more productive things to do then read my stupid signature...[TA]|[TF]

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Yea good story .) Also experience never stops. Even a Master belt can learn something from a whitebelt (thats possible)
I found toribash on kickass torrent site. It was cracked old version ( toribash wasnt free before)
Downloaded, installed than wanted to play multi but I had to sign up. I entered the site and saw how toribash evolved. It was a revolution; graphics, textures, mods etc. I said omg Im so lucky to find this game on this version. So I started and learned joints in 1 week .) Brotherhood (Shinobi) 's my first clan and Im waiting for summer to get some spar/parkour lessons from clan leader VICTOR. .)
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