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I don't. Companies don't give a shit. You're literally just another dollar.
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Good choice, I have been an Xbox player for the longest time, but have heard better things that come from PS4. Less issues and less internet problems.

Destiny is a great game. You should definitly get that if anything.
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If you like Driving games wouldnt you get a Xbox 1 (forzas), I cant find a driving game with a clutch on the ps4
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Originally Posted by Virtue View Post
I'm not a fan of PC Gaming. Ever since, I was always a controller-type of gamer, playing during my free time. Probably because I'd like to separate my college stuff and others on a laptop and gaming in an entirely different platform other than a desktop. Sounds silly but I prefer it that way.

At some point I did consider other platforms but turns out I'm just loyal to the platform brand itself. I did consider all the games everyone else recommended, and I'll decide on what to purchase after this week. As it turns out Gaming PCs are twice as expensive here as it usually is wherever because of tax and corruption of inflation rates and other economical matters.

just build it. some companies offers you a building service, where you pick out the parts you want, and then they build it for you in the purchase. if no one can build it for you, just take it in to your local computer guys place and let them build it. in the long run, pc will be shitloads cheaper. if you're buying an xbox, you have to pay for live, which is basically microsoft saying "oh hey we're money whores so you have to pay a subscription to play online". ps has free online gameplay, but they have great offers with playstation+, which is almost impossible to get.

and oh, about the controller thing.
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xbox controllers are mostly plug and play for windows 8/10

the actual advantage PC has in my opinion is:

When your machine gets obsolete, if you're using a console (assuming you're not rich to just buy the newest one) you'll probably need to sell the old one so you can use the money you got from selling it to buy a new one. But most consoles arent backwards compatible, so you'll have to get rid of your games too. (Which probably won't be worth 60% as much as when you bought them)

for pc you just change your VGA, and if things get too heavy, add more ram. And you can keep playing the old games you had. This + cheaper games makes a huge difference in the end, and that's actually the only ADVANTAGE pc has. (4k resolution and shit isnt advantage, that's bonuses)
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