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Welcome to BLUE!

Hello and welcome to Blue, the best beginner clan there is for you! This clan is here to give you, whoever you may be, the opportunity to take part in fun and exciting clan wars and events and to give you a community to be a part of. It's the best clan for you because Blue is a better color than Red. There is no obligation to stay here but we will miss you when you fly the nest to make your own clan.

Join the clan now and show those idiots at Red who's boss!

......-Make sure to follow the global rules, anyone banned will be removed from the clan until they're unbanned, and when they're unbanned they will be put back to the rank of member.
......-All global rules also apply in this clan's board, anyone who's breaking any of these rules or is useless posting outside of the wibbles thread will be warned and/or removed from Blue.

......-Leader - Reserved for members of the HS
......-General - Able to do wars, access the private board, and can invite other players
......-Member - This is for every other member of the clan

Note - as well as described above members can also be promoted at the discretion of the leaders, impress us with your attitude and activity!

......[] Have more members than Red
......[] Be ahead of Red in head to head wars
......[] Be the victor of the most recent war with Red
......[x] Be better than Red

Please join our clan discord and hang out with all your fellow members and leaders!

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