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Creating more precision
Hi guys!, i play toribash in a while and sometimes its very hard to the moves looks realistic, and to make the movements more realistic and improved i want to suggest this: The tori will have no more 4 options of move(relax, hold, extend, contract) but 6, adding a extend 50% and a contract 50%. Well i think this would be very good to people who do spars and parkours, and maybe in other mods the change wouldn't be so big but will be improved. I hope you all enjoy the idea xD
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this has been suggested before
this would probably be twitchy as shit, considering how twitchy something can look by just using 1 turnframe
this wouldn't be realistic, it would just be useless honestly
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Its called lowering the turn frames, people use it in sparring all the time. You just have to be skilled enough to know how long to extend and when to relax.
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Sorry, i didn't know that someone already have that ideia, i said this to don't need decrease the turn frames, but ok, i'll closing this thread. thanks
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