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Old Jul 21, 2017 Original Post  
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Highrise Rooftop Parkour Event

Ever wanted to run across an unsafe beam hanging 48678572fts above the void? Well here's your chance to get some TC out of that passion

Make the nicest looking replay and

have it take off (example)

- Prize for the nicest replay : 100'000 TC

- Prize for the second nicest replay : 50'000 TC

- We will also award an extra 25'000TC to the replay we found the most interesting and creative

Parkour to the best of your abilities - be it in singleplayer or multiplayer.
You can change your starting position and rotation in this area (scaffolding included), as well as turnframes and matchframes at will.
You may not change any other rules, though.

Beyond that it's up to you:
If you want to replayhack, make a collab, or anything else that fits the rules above, feel free !
Just keep in Mind what the replay will be judged on.

You can enter your replays here freely until the deadline below.
Your post should contain "This is my entry", and any replays on posts without this line will not be taken in consideration.

(Also attached)

The deadline is Friday the 25th of August. (Approximately one month)

This mod comes, and looks best with the moonlit shader, as well as a custom atmo script.
If you want to download that script, have any questions or anything to say about the mod, please check out its release thread where I'll be more than happy to answer y'all.

Expect a youtube video featuring the best replays at the end !

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File Type: tbm Highrise_Rooftops.tbm (30.9 KB, 50 views)

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Old Aug 26, 2017   #41
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Sorry the deadline was clearly marked as Friday 25th

Won't be taking any more replays, thank you all for participating !

The results will be up by the end of the weekend
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Old Aug 26, 2017   #42
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saddening i wasn't able to finish this replay in time. good luck to those who submitted!

-Karbn's alt
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Old Aug 28, 2017   #43
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Well im not cool now, im sweating ;-; (Dying of Dehydration)
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Old Aug 28, 2017   #44
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Thank you so much everyone for participating, hope y'all had fun

And da winners aaaaareeee

1st place : Matarika

2nd place : Fr0styCube

Creativity prize : Rcrichman

Honorable mentions : EvilTorified and MagnusSol (Surprise 10k for ya both)


Prizes sent

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:O golly Gee, I won
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Congrats to the winners!
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
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Old Aug 29, 2017   #47
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How'd I get second? Lmao
Oh well, a wins a win
~ I Fall Gently Like a Lotus ~
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I'm done. And so is Xioi from what I can see.

I'm unwilling to make a huge scene this time around but I hope you realize, Dash, that by having such incompetent judges, the chances that anyone who actively parkours spends any time what so ever on making a replay for your events has drastically been reduced. You've given second prize to perhaps one of the twitchiest and most boring replays on a long mod that I have ever seen and as for first place... Without insulting a fellow clan mate, all I can say is that it was bland af. I'm not saying "Rune for 1st" but I am saying a can name quite a few people who deserved first or second place other than myself and this is a disappointment for parkour events. I'm finished making replays that get over looked by judges who clearly don't know how to judge Toribash parkour.
Keep the TC.
Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):

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Old Aug 30, 2017   #49
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Perhaps you should've read the op. You even /em "Sorry if this looks bad", while that was exactly what to avoid.

Where's xioi's replay?


Closing this thread in 24 hours, if you have more criticism please bring it forward

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MagnusSol, this is completely inappropriate. Is the host not allowed to decide the standards for their own event? Saying you're not trying to create a scene when publicly posting on someones event page is creating a scene. The event is over, prizes handed out, move on and stop being salty.
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