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More 3D states for items
Was thinking about this for a bit now, and tbh the best way to explain it is the following:-
Seeing as we are capable of texturing items [like the Val wings] and that we have more than just bodypart items [floor, joints...], I thought of the possibility of having default options in specific items, where you can choose between two (or more) 3D styles/textures.
For the sake of this suggestion and simplicity, let's call the button "Style".

1st image representation

In a nutshell, this option would redirect you to the item's page similar to the Textures page. However, unlike the Textures page, you would also have a semi-category which allows you to choose between one of the default textures and/or 3D models the item is bundled with.

2nd image represenation

Choosing one of them would let you enable that style.

Another senario this can be used in: Instead of having four hat items, you can have one hat item that has the four states as an option, so you can switch between them anytime you wish.

Yay or nay?

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