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Originally Posted by Papa View Post
whats tyzi

A mean girl*
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Originally Posted by Velordrel View Post
A mean girl*

A mean wannabe* girl
Where's Fred at?
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i would never laugh at this because haha
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i eat dicks
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bullshit. tyzi is trans, i know it from reliable source
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Originally Posted by WorldEater View Post
bullshit. tyzi is trans, i know it from reliable source

I appreciate this post honestly.
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Might be time for a change in subject.

Originally Posted by Kyuri View Post
big boy junior year, excited to be playing club volleyball. Hoping to make national team so i can go to st louis and utah

Sounds awesome!

Keep healthy and keep practicing, and I'm sure you'll do great.

Originally Posted by WorldEater View Post
i want to be character animator, preferably in vidya industry
don't really feel like working for big studios (very corporate and they make boring games) so i'll probably have to find some people with fresh and uncorrupted approach to games
i'm going to attend one-year animation course in warsaw as well (quite expensive if you ask), but they claim people manage to find jobs before the course ends so i'm pretty optimistic
i'll be working as software tester during that time so i won't starve to death

i managed to get 100% here and there during finals

Sounds like you've got a decent plan together, which is always good.

I've found one of the hardest things for me personally in life is following through with my plans to the end, so best of luck getting it done mate!

Also nice work doing well on finals, no small feat.

Originally Posted by Virus View Post
Im a senior so woo hoo

also i want to see chesh as a dad or irl

Big boy on campus now

1 year left, hope it's been going well.

I've found the senior year can sometimes bring unforeseen stresses to people at times, so try not to get too frazzled if such things come about.

Fine work getting to your final year, good luck!

Originally Posted by Gentleman View Post
I propose that we all show up at Chesh's front door and force him to adopt us all.

I've only got one spare bedroom I'm afraid.

Originally Posted by Pill View Post
Cheshyre I have fun in my high school you're right the work isn't exciting but my friends are and wrestling.

You've got figured out sooner than I did.

You'd be surprised how much schoolwork frustrated me to the point of forgetting about everything else important around me.

Keep on looking on the bright side and you'll go far Pill.

Originally Posted by JoboMan View Post
@cheshyre I live with people but they aren't my mates so it's good lol, I mean the last three years were a lot of fun but it's better now that I can go there and not live in it afterwards.

Yea my jobs solid


I can certainly agree separating your social life from your "home" is a solid strategy.

Elaborating further on my experience with living with people, I lived in a home with 5 other people for 2 years. Good fun for a while but of course that doesn't last forever. Almost like a "night out" that never ends. So good work sorting that out.

Keep on keeping on aye
PM me with any and all questions
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