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Mr. Montenegro
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Yeah. His phantom pain started.
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Maybe we can sort this out


Toribash point system -> Event points
Mods: Striking, clan specific

15k = +1 event point -> regular mods (e.g. aikido, tk, judo)
5k = +1 event point -> striking mods (e.g. ? ? ?)

DQ = -3 event points

Decap = +5 event points

We could make this with the aim to bring specialist clans/all clans.
Aikido//Wushu//Striking//rkmma//tk//clan specific mods//etc // pertain to basic Toriphysics/Uke,Tori models

Levels 1 - 6
3 rounds per boss level
6 bosses//2-3 clan leaders//2-4 fl0w members

Levels 1 - 6 (KEY)
a/b/c/d/e = Steps between Dojos (1,3,5) // This is where negative effects/cards come into play.
1//... = Boss (6)
...1/2/3 = Boss rounds (3)

1//1/2/3 (Clan leader, specific mod)
a (striking mod)
2//1/2/3 (fl0w member, striking mod)
3//1/2/3 (Clan leader, specific mod)
a (striking mod)
4//1/2/3 (fl0w member, striking mod)
5//1/2/3 (Clan leader, specific mod)
6//1/2/3 (fl0w member, striking mod)

"a/b/c/d/e = Steps between Dojos (1,3,5) // This is where negative effects/cards come into play."
Introduce trial//specific to mod, e.g. Relax left shoulder and right wrist/must touch ground with left hand before round is over.

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