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Old Mar 2, 2018   #21
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I have been playing this game for more than 10 years. I have never seen the Spaniards or the Germans forbidden to speak their languages.

Why not make a global rule for tournaments - only English?
Why is the rule only English does not appear if no one speaks Russian in chat, but speaks other languages?

There are global forum rules, but there is not one Russian moderator. Maybe we can not communicate in our own language and here, too?
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Old Mar 2, 2018   #22
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Because the most basic language spoken in Toribash is already English. If like 6 of you dudes come, have a full blown conversation then the chat is literally full of Russian.

If you believe you can be a staff member then go ahead and apply. We had a Russian ES member, AkeSS, but he's inactive right now.
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Old Mar 2, 2018   #23
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Do you want to know why?

Reta - German
Martin - Argentinean
Tinerr - Argentinean

Unlike Russians, there is active German-speaking ES members and active Spanish-speaking ES members that can moderate chat, even an incredibly high-ranked staff member called suomynona knows how to speak Russian. The only way of allowing Russian on ES events is through AkeSS or Sir moderating.
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Old Mar 2, 2018   #24
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Originally Posted by bands View Post
We had a Russian ES member, AkeSS, but he's inactive right now.

Good joke but he'll never get full ES.

About general language.
Just make the rule guys. If ES member cant moderate chat because of language - then its his problems.
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Old Mar 2, 2018   #25
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You did not answer the question. If everything is as you say, why not make a rule for tournaments - English speak only?
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Old Mar 2, 2018   #26
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Originally Posted by Wife View Post
Good joke but he'll never get full ES.

About general language.
Just make the rule guys. If ES member cant moderate chat because of language - then its his problems.

I reiterate, if you want to change the rules or you think something is wrong, make a suggestion here. This thread doesn't seem productive at this point.
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Old Mar 2, 2018   #27
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You're making a situation a lot bigger than what it should be. English is probably the most known language in the TB world. Not saying that's okay but the fact is English is very well known. Any the Etourney is hosted by mostly English knowing people and the people inside are to. The problem comes is when the host can't understand what you're saying and most of the people I the server can't either and have no idea what you could be saying. Could be bad but mostly likely not.
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Old Mar 2, 2018   #28
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The problem is not in English. And the fact that they do not find fault with other languages like in Russian.
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Old Mar 2, 2018   #29
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Just because you're being told you can't speak a language the host or most people in the server can't understand, doesn't make it racist. And no, it's not the host's fault for not knowing the language. If someone forbids you from speaking a language and kindly asks you to move to whispers or some other way of talking, you should do so instead of continuing to talk in said language. Respect rules and you won't get muted, simple as that. The same goes with if someone wishes to host a tourney and decides you can only speak russian, that's fine.
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Old Mar 3, 2018   #30
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As i told you in the room and bands told you several times aswell and you still do not understand i will make it clear for you.

Rules are rules, host says no flaming then there will be NO FLAMING.
You speaking russian makes the host have no control over what you are saying to others, this means you are able to insult without him knowing. (before you now complain about this too, NO YOU PROBABLY WOULDNT BUT THERE IS OTHER PEOPLE TOO!)
That is why host decides to tell you off from russian or speak to your russian friends as a first reason.

Second reason is, no matter if you are russian, german, spanish, alien... whatever the hell you want, it annoys others.
THAT is completely reasonable since they can not follow your language and it fills the main room chat. Nothing racist or wrong at all with that.
Sometimes the hosts have to tell someone 3 times to use the international language which nearly everybody in the internet uses as international language: ENGLISH.
It is more about the communication inbetween the community. Hell if we had a fking own toribash language and could only communicate in that, THAT would be the language used only to just keep it understandable for others too and also visible if you flame someone or are just a general dick.
As i said, 3 times or even more hosts warn you and even that isnt enough sometimes. You should be glad you didnt get kicked out already.

I hope you understand that i do not point with a finger at anyone here with saying "you" it is more used for the examples.
I can advise you, if a host asks you nicely to whisper or talk english with your russian friends, do not take it as racism, instead just open a discord or something or whisper them and talk there so the host doesnt have to deal with figuring out what you said or just not knowing that you got insulted.

With this being said, stop being so hurt by that, pull up your guts and grow above it, enjoy the game and respect hosting people, they already have enough stress watching the chat at times you got to think of that too.

Also, to the point of if you plan to host russian tourneys:
Why wouldnt it work? It sure would work out well, you just need the right amount of people and all them being russian. Would be cool to see something like that happening :P Also there you would have the freedom of gathering together with people from your country and just discussing. I believe that would sure be alot of fun!
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