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Make an Event Prop for Sponsorship

Do you have a great idea for an event and would like help from the Event Squad to help your event? Well here's a little guide on how you should deliver your idea.

What we will offer you

We are willing to supply your event, if it so chosen, with Shiai tokens, advice on your future event, proper advertisement (a banner at the top of the forums), and possibly a custom 3d item if needed (provided by Item Forgers)

What you need

Your own provided base prizes (Not the Shiai Tokens), a well written prop (tutorial below), and the willingness to cooperate with our art, mod, and the Event Squad

What's a Prop and how do I write one

You're going to need to write a prop to be able to present your idea to the team in a well organized and realistic manner.

What is a PROP?

A prop is used to more easily explain and present your idea of an event to us. It mainly follows the same format each time, but differs to your liking. Bellow we will explain the separate parts of a prop and what you should have.

1. The Heading/Banner
You are, normally, going to want to start with a banner or some piece of art relating to your event (Note: if you do not have this, we will help supply it as needed). Once you have your banner at the top, you are going to wright a short (or long) story or joke etc. that leads into the event. This is nice to get the participants into the mood of the event.


2. The Objective(s)/Challenge(s)
This is where you are really going to get into this event. This is where you explain what exactly the person has to do. Be specific! We can't stress that enough. To avoid confusion further on, be as specific as you possibly can. Also, same thing goes here as the Heading, if you don't have a banner or art to easily display where the objectives are, we can supply you. For this, plain text works as well.


3. The Rules
This is where you can narrow down the limits of the objective, and also declare things that the participants can't do, so they don't get in trouble, and it makes the event run a little more smooth. Many of the main rules you should have include: No plagiarism, no hacking replays, and no alts. These usually apply to everything. Also, keep in mind that "reserve" posts are being infracted, so you might as well remind people.


4. Prizes
This is what everyone's in it for. This one is also pretty simple, yet quite harder to make. When picking your prizes, you have to make sure that they are pretty balanced. This means making them a certain amount of tc per item, or tc itself. Remember that we supply ST and custom 3D items (if needed), but it is your job to either get a tc prize or item prize.


5. Deadline
Normal events usually run for around 2-3 weeks. Tournaments are different and can heavily vary in time with a lot of variables.



If you have an idea for an event, but don't have the things, or just want to be sponsored, please follow the tutorial above on how to create your own Prop to help us decide on how and if we should sponsor your next hit.

Example of a Full Prop


JtanK - Event used in examples
Wizard - Wrote most of it
Powas - Gave suggestions

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