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2 Player support games
When mine girlfriend comes at me we play some 2 player games like :
-Jazz Jackrabbit 2
-Heroes 3
-Little fighter 2..and 2.5

But after a while it gets boring to play the same games over and over again,does anybody know some games that support 2 players (even splitscreen) beside the games listed in the list ?

If yes,please post here !
~Thanks you

Centuries Of Damn

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Old Aug 3, 2009   #2
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I enjoyed playing Bonkheads with my sister quite a bit.

Hilarious, very intuitive and fun to play game: FleaFall Champion. Even great with more than two players, just with four our keyboard refused to recognize keys anymore and kept beeping ;)

Liero is a classic, too.
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Ragdoll Masters,
Rubber Ninjas,
Super Stealball,
very cool games
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Bloobeyvolley best game ever made.
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