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[MAU] Rules and Ranking Information

* Respect any Clan Member
This one of the most important requirements to be in this clan.
You should be respectful with people you are meeting on this group, if you're a user who is racist, homophobic, feminist or any type of hate to someone cannot be accepted here, try to hide us that. If we catch you using offensive words on a specific thread we give you an infraction, after 3 infractions, you are kicked. Offensive words for fun goes to the Wibbles thread, which is used to just post useless junk. ANY OFFENSIVE PRIVATE MESSAGES THROUGH ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA SITE WILL NOT BE USED AS EVIDENCE FOR INFRACTIONS

* Stay Active on Forum
This is also an important requirement to stay on here.
We accept people who can have high activity on this site. If you don't post because you were inactive because *excuse* and you don't telling anyone in the past 1 or 2 weeks you will be kicked.

* Don't be a bad player
This means do not scam, fraud continuously or anything that gets worse than offensive messages. This results into an instant kick from the clan. If you have a very bad reputation on the Toribash community and someone PM us about this you will be kicked, since we don't want this kind of people to be in our clan.

* No useless posts, ever.
This also means no spamming. Useless posts are allowed in Wibbles thread but not spamming. One word posts will be infracted.

* Have fun and stay funky
Also important to leave boredom out of your body.


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Tell me when you need to edit it tho.
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