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Event Squad and co. are recruiting!

Hey friends! The Event Squad is looking for new and active members to shine light in the form of events upon the community once more!
Below you can find the positions we are looking to fill at the moment. If you are interested in any, read whats inside the corresponding spoiler below and apply !


Event Artists



How to apply:
Simple! Send a free form application to any member of the Team!
Include your GMT, any languages you are fluent in, and some examples of your work.
You may also want to check out Dargon's tutorial for applying to a staff position.

You have 4 weeks from the date this is posted to send in your applications, then the discussion will take a not defined period of time. We don't have a limit on a number of people we're looking for so don't be shy!

Don't post "I applied" or "Good luck guys!" in this thread. Such posts may be subject to infractions.
Should you however have any more questions please feel free to ask them here !

Oh, we also have a neat little reward system for the special snowflakes of the team who are doing well. And don't forget bananas and cucumbers are good for you!

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Originally Posted by FreshKek View Post
would my past history affect my chances
if so how much

I mean, we take it into consideration but imo most important thing is who you are now

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I wrote my app to Reta but no respond :/. What does it mean? Am i denied?
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It's not going to be an instantaneous response. Four weeks from now is when applications close, and that's when they'll begin discussing applications.
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Okay,thanks m8
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Dear Es Team-

Hello my name is Lasthour but you may call me by my real name: Laine. I am only 12 years old but I believe I have potential. I've been a fan of toribash sense the third grade. I watched montages until my mom bought us a computer in the forth grade. I don't remember it clearly but I feel very nostalgic about the entire game. I have built myself around the mods: Xspar (most parkour map) Aikido and Abd. I play these because these are what im good at but im looking into erthtk. I have a good life were I live. Lush trees, Good places to visit and A good family. The weather isnt great but everything else its perfect.

Looking into Toribash people have been quitting because they say that it is dying. Personally I don't believe this but if it really is, I gotta help. I feel the need to be nice to every new person I meet and once I get to know them I start to act more like myself instead of being over polite. I feel like I could help toribash become more like how hampa wants it to happen. But if toribash Really is dying. God knows I wont be helping keep it alive. I have loved this game from 2012 to right now. I will love toribash until the day I die and I wont let toribash die before I do. I will not leave toribash in the dust. I wont give up on this masterpiece of a video game. Hampa worked too hard to let toribash die. If Hampa wanted this game to die he wouldnt have hired you to do nothing, he didnt hire all you to do nothing did he? No. He hired you to fix toribash, And together we will do this deed for Hampa.


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You may want to put that in a pm to an ES member lasthour.
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Oh ok sorry
My bad
Wont happen again

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you sure know how to sing
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can I apply to ES and IF ?
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Toribash Dev
Yes, you can.
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