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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
It's not about spammyness, its about being safe with a few good moves.
Kazumis df1, 112 and db4 are the only moves you need with her, that's why she is good.

You've just described a spammy character.

You don't need to think too hard about what tool to use, since you only need to use a few.

As such you tend to spam the few moves you need, in turn making it a spammy character.

Not a bad thing, just the way it's labeled in the community.

Also yeah, Devil Jin is a good pick. The strongest mishima imo.
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Was on sale so I grabbed it
EDIT: after a ~1hr 30min download, I am having a blast

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com play tekken 7

someone want to play tekken 7 at some point with me and dezrai

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I cant seem to hit alisa's d+3,1
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Anyone still playing this wonderful game?

On a side note, I thought hitting higher ranks would be the answer to shitty matches. Now I just get shitty matches with the same people.
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Help me, somehow
So I'm playing tag 2

I don't have a ps4

My pc is shit cant play tekken 7

I main Mostly mishimas, But specially Jin im stuck in 1st dan which just determines that im shit in online. My electrics are fine, my punishing is garbage, I turtle too much, I can't continue strings, any tips on improving my play on jin for tag 2?

Plus I started playing dragunov any tips to give out for some advantage>
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