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Feeling Artsy?

Over at the super-duper-ultimate-mega-ultra-top secret ES headquarters, Icky and Reta are demanding that they are given newer, more beautiful pieces of artwork to be displayed their offices. So the Event Squad are giving you guys the opportunity to create your very own masterpiece to impress them!

In this event, you are to make a piece of art, (whether it be made with Photoshop, a painting, a drawing, etc.) based on the Tori of a staff member. A list of Toribash staff members can be found here. Try to make your art look as spectacular as possible; you have 4 weeks so no need to rush.

You can use the /dl and /lp commands in-game to look at our Tori's.

There will be one winner, a runner-up and a couple of honorable mentions.

Winner's prize:

30,000 TC and x6

Runner-up's prize:

15,000 TC and x4

Honorable mention prize:


- No plagiarism. At all.
- You must base your art on one current staff member.
- Using alts to submit more than one entry is not allowed.
- Collaborations are allowed; in this case prizes will be split.
- Submissions can be any size, just make them clear and distinct.
- Preferably upload a picture of your art to an image sharing site (such as imgur, gyazo, puush, etc.) and include the image link in your post.
- You cannot simply take a screenshot of the Tori and edit it with graphic software - you must create the art.
- Show all of your piece of art very clearly to ensure it is properly judged.
- You should incorporate every item that the user is wearing into your artwork.

Keep in mind your artwork may not be judged if it doesn't follow all rules.

After the deadline, the ES team will judge all artwork. The voting process could take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. Your pieces of art will be judged on how similar it looks to the player, as well as your style. When we have decided on the results, I will make a post stating the winners and honorable mentions, and prizes will be sent shortly after. (If you created a collab, prizes could take longer to sort out.)

March 11th 2018

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Originally Posted by LeSolution View Post
Can I make it like Humanoid type of thing or do I must make it like Tori?

However you like but make sure it looks somewhat like the tori and has every activated item on it

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Old Mar 2, 2018   #22
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The staff member I decided to create was Ed
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Art is totally judged on how close it looks to the real tori? If so that's awesome (excluding the "style" factor)
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Old Mar 3, 2018   #24
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Spontaneously felt like doing this today.

Old Entry

Him strangling Uke, fits to the whole theme the set is going for

Chose TyZi because of the new sick Set Stalker made


Reworked my Entry, new one:


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I made Reta, I think it gone well. I changed few things (Hands and Feets) cause if I didn't they're going to look weird with humanoid body.


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Old Mar 7, 2018   #26
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made reta as well


best item forogerer
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Old Mar 10, 2018   #27
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A bit of a last minute entry, but I spent today making this for fun. Currently trying to experiment with different art styles.


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Old Mar 10, 2018   #28
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Made this so far :^)
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Here's my kinda sketch style entry. This one is of Nike's tori. :3



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My fun attempt for Parrot
(Yes that's supposed to be a parrot and since Parrot only has blue and white, it ends up like that lol. There is a knife there represent his 3d item)


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