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Old Jul 28, 2011   #21
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Originally Posted by Tripstone View Post
So as I see it Team Sambo has really lost some activity... which isn't a bad thing at all.. but some new active members may help us out.

I don't point these people out for the hell of it I have played with them for a long time.


I have a bit more I can point out but they stood out in my mind. I would like them to be looked at.


people that I think should join would be Leyz or leilak.

*Goes away for another 6 month*

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Hello there, i would like to be considered if you guys don't mind :s
PS: i was told that i should post that little fact that i made around 10kk(or possibly more) duelling in aikidobd

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Old Jul 28, 2011   #23
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Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
Actually, Leyz told me he was interested in TS the other day, and he's definitely good enough.

I've seen everybody from Tripstone's list play, but only one I like from Tripstone's list is AX7, but he's not active. Also, I'd suggest you look into these people:


Those four are all great, and should be given a chance.

Lol. From your list only one I see in game (I play it every day), AJ.

Yesterday I played with some TS members, they saw my stupid skills in the game.

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Old Jul 28, 2011   #24
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leilak is away during weekdays and leyz and ticux are often on when i play
Just thought i'd mention that.
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Old Jul 28, 2011   #25
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PsyTrance: i indeed don't play as much as i used to when some people actually still dueled me, but i usually get on at least for a game or two almost everyday
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Old Jul 28, 2011   #26
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can i join ?
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Old Jul 29, 2011   #27
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wow...hello there...
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Old Aug 13, 2011   #28
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If some one has the time to test me I might be able to join.
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Old Aug 27, 2011   #29
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So what? Nothing?

Daxx shows me time and time again his skill and he's very active.

We need more TS members active... we need to remain the best.

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Old Aug 27, 2011   #30
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i would agree, not just cuz he is in evo but he shows the skill that TS needs.
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