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[YouTube] Arcade Crowd Toribash Replays!



Hello there, welcome to the official Arcade Crowd Toribash Replays forum thread! Those of you who have been around a while may remember
us by our old name: Man On Fire Films. Same channel, same team, different name!

Every once in a while you'll find us sitting down to crank out a new Toribash replay video and if you'd like to be featured in our next video, read on!

How To Send Replays

You can send your replays in this thread:

Please note these videos are NOT on any schedule and will be released when we have time to make them!

The Rules

Please do NOT post your replays here, they will not be used and will be ignored.
We simply can't use EVERY replay that's sent to us, so please don't take it personally if we don't use yours.
Please be patient, we do look at every replay even if we don't use it for the videos, but this can take a while.
Please only submit your replay once.
You may submit as many different replays as you like, but we are likely only going to use one.
DO NOT steal other people's replays.
If you are using a part of someone else's replay, make sure they are properly credited.

Needless to say, I rushed putting this thread together to coincide with the new video release. I'll touch it up soon!

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Originally Posted by Sc1ence01 View Post
woop first lmfaooo

It's a new thread, so naturally there'll be some confusion. Please post your submissions here-

This thread is more for posting and talking about the videos
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Oh sorry I skipped a part on the rule

I was in-game when I saw this lmao
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We just put out a new Toribash replays video, check it out!

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