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Hello, guys!

I LOVE rapping! I used to always quietly rap in my head all the time and crap. So, instead of always listening to raps, I decided to make one! I wanna share a rough version on what I've got so far! Also, It's meant to be a faced-paced rap. Anyway, here it is:

Right here, in the dead of the night, I'm thinking one of us will die here. Lookin' dead frightened better not fight it. Cause you knew from the beginning that you'd get roped into this. Like a dead-beat dad at his kids bar mitzuh, bored to death like a drill in the ribs, Half-dead schrodinger thinks.

I won't play dead. Ban Card! If you thinking you'd be living you'd be dead wrong. Oh you wanna escape? Fine, sign right here, SIKE you just signed your death warrant! Ha ha ha ha ha you're mine! run lil piggy till I find a knife. And inscribe a dead letter on your neck, repeat the process till I get the blue screen of death!

Error: Does not compute. Then you better bet I'm gonna press execute - You're lookin' ever so cute when you're cautious. Might even need to say, drop dead gorgeous!

That's a rough copy on what I've done so far! Hope you like it
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Honestly, i cant think of this as a rap without a beat or something.

What does it mean tho?
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There's a lot of "dead"
Do you make music? Are did you already try to rap it on a beat?
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Vinyl: I don't make music. And yeah I was tryna rap on a beat :P
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It would be easier to write the rap like this

I'll hit 'em up like bong rips of weed
Listen and observe and take heed
And like a fresh deck of cards
All fixed and flush and well stacked
I attack from the front and back as
The fact remains your frame was flat
Broken down now and no longer intact
The Mastery of verbal strategies
How long can you last against me

It's easier to keep time when writing it like this. Of course you don't have to, but put a / in between your lines like this

Projecting copious rhyme forces in conjunction with the elements / And what follows within the slip stream are paradigms/ taking there course/ ready to leave the scene hit with a steady release of deadly energies.

Also if need be, count your syllables between each line as well as study other people and how they fit words into a line. I recommend listening and studying a bit of GZA.

Get creative with your rhymes. It doesn't always have to be like Cat, Hat Gat it could be the "Cat in the hat attracts the heat with a gat" (Cat - Attract) They're called like rhymes or something like that. Or compound rhymes which look like this, Poised In sounds like Poison or Top Position sounds like Competition.

Use a thesaurus sometimes. Learn a lot of words.

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Nice job! I know this has already been said, but I just can't understand how to say the rap without a beat. It's still very good though! Nice work
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Old Oct 7, 2016   #7
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Like karan said, I really need a beat with it.

Is this like a diss or something or just some lyrics?

Here's a good rap.

Yo, my names joe.
I look like a toe
I wear a bow
I then fuck all the hoes
And I make all that dough

Ik, I'm a lyrical genius.
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needs flow
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