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Welp, Here goes. I recently got back from a huge break. So I hope to learn how to get back into the swing of things by joining the Clan. I can offer Some residue skill from my last play and can also offer my Graphical services. My favourite mod? Aikido. Why? I like grabbing. I check and respond to my PMs often. I don't usually browse the form but if you need me you can contact me on discord; [IN] Atlas#3655. My clan history? Raw, Fight Club, Mystic, Sinon and a few more. I'm trying to become more active on TB. My experience during my time playing was that most of the community is great to chill with and can offer a lot of training. It's happy days when I am on TB.

I am 16 and do; Graphic design, Cycling and browse 4Chan.

Need more info? Contact me on Discord.
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Hello.....This is my application

my name is rayan
I am 17 years old
My froms is mexico
About my life there is not much to tell, I do taekwondo I am 3rd dan black belt
I'm on a football team, we lost the semi-finals last week
I like the video games

My belt in TB is orange
I have a lot to contribute in the clan
I'm a low belt but I will not let you down.
I am active in the forums and am active in the game.

I intend to participate in wars and events. At the moment I am very rusty but I am determined to improve.
My favorite mod is Spar

I want to join this clan because the type and id like to help a clan get # 1. I also want to meet more people and I hope they do
sum of new companions.

I hope and they take me into account,

Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

PD: My English is bad
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Hi!! My name is 1oI.. i would like to join "Wapow" because for it looks like where i can begin my (real) clan journey! i am a black belt, i'm about to be 2nd dan black belt for 300 - 200 games. i like playing random mods (because i'm random xD) i mostly like abd because i (kinda) beat a lot of good players in that mod! i even defeated dashier for 3 times(You may not believe me since i don't have any evidence..) if i were to be invited from hecate! I WOULD HUMBLY AND GRACEFULLY ACCEPT THE INVITATION... i also met hecate a lot f times in my other account (talata). i would like to support this clan, once i am in this great clan. i would donate 1k to hecate (because he's like a friend to me :3)

Thanks for your cooperation!!!! and i love u all!!!!
im also 12 years old and i lice in philipines!!

im also a boy
opps miss spelled. i meant ".. i live in philippines!!"
opps miss spelled. i meant ".. i live in philippines!!"

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