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Could never be heaven without you
This is long over due. I'd just like to formally thank Tripstone on being the greatest clan leader of all time and this thread is simply for you. Much respect bro. Thanks for everything, I've seen a lot and I've been around the TB block one too many times...but one thing remains absolute, Trip is the greatest clan leader of all time.

Thanks bud, always keep me coming back. <3
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You're the one and only.
What can I say? I don't think that words are enough to say how grateful I am for having you as our leader, but at the moment, words are all I have, I hope that I can at least express a little bit of my gratitude.
A long time ago, when I was in [NM], most of my friends used to talk about eVo, at that time D3m0nz (Kiza) was already my friend, Stiktori too, and they used to talk so much about evo, and I wondered, why? what's so special about it?
Now I can understand why, eVo is not only a clan, but a family, and all that because of you, for being able to keep all of us together, united, making the right and even tough decisions when necessary. I understand there are many people who judge you, even if that judgment is because of your past, or because of any bad decisions that you made, but you know, everybody makes mistakes, nobody's perfect, and it's not for less that eVo's now 10 years old.
I'll be honest, I never thought we would be friends, before I met you, I always thought you were cocky, after all, you were God Belt, eVo's leader and hella skilled in-game, so you had basically everything. Until I first spoke to you in-game. That day I realized the humble person you are, always fighting for what's right, for your family, for your friends, and honesty in the first place, that "You love me, or you hate me" kind of person. That's what made me look up to you as a role model, not only as a leader but as a person as well, I know that I can always count on you, I will never forget everything you did for me, you even fought against your long-time-friends for me, that's something I will always appreciate. I just want to tell you that even if we disagree on some points, you can always count on me dude, I am not just an eVo member, but I am your friend as well, you're a brother to me, you're my family, not just me, but I'm sure that all of our members look at you the same way I do, we are here for you, we'll always be.
Thank you for everything Trip, we love you.

I'll be periodically editing this post, so you'll see how much you are needed here. <3

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