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ff3, SNK2, 41, 43, dash, db2df 3 = hit me up if is u tryna buy half an O for 110
cray cray = off tha rokca
sick nasty = "i'm retarded"
bisexual = gay
snapkick = ddos (ex. Snapkick him! So his internet goes off!)
sfv = street fighter five
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esketit- ESHKETITTTTT aka lets get it
thoinks- jay's or a joint
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Lol these are great
iHang, iBang, But most importantly, Cocaine
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Banjaxed = Broken
What's the craic? = What's up?
Eejit = Idiot
Dead-on = Good, decent
Melter = An annoying person
The peelers = The police
Wick: Useless

Just a few off the top of my head
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here's some southern-ish slang

Holler usually refers to yelling
snuff almost always means smokeless tobacco, if you're even more of a redneck you could go further beyond by calling it "dippin' snuff" (dipping because you'd pinch or 'dip' your fingers to get the tobacco)
cold one is (you guessed it) beer
You were loud and ugly and now you're dead! Amen.
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Some south african slang

1- Poes - basically a swear word, it's like saying pussy but like worse
2- outie - name given to somebody when they look weird or dumb af, could also just refer to anyone (if you see someone doing something dumb you'd say "check that outie" for example
3- sutt - basically like bleak/sad (i'm so sutt i couldn't go to that party last night)
4- dop = any type of alcohol
5- zol = weed

will add more when i remember them (pretty hard to remember all the slang off the top of your head tbh)

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dimebag is used pretty much universally i believe
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That's a lot of stuff. I don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, or if it even counts, but around the Midwest of America. Soda is usually referred to as Pop.
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Adding onto bulters list

Donner: if you want to beat someone up.
Doos: if someone is a stupid idiot then you'd call him that.
Doss: sleep
Lus: when you're craving something.
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Lol, "donner" is what primary school kids say.
"Lus" can also be used as "leave" "just lus it" = "just leave/ignore/dont worry about it"
"Sutt" can also mean exhausted "Im sutt/sutted because I went to that party last night"

Also adding to Butlers list:
Nooit - no.
bru - bro.
lekker - nice.
Ja, nee - yes.
now, now - in a bit.
just now - also in a bit, but different.
Tsek - go away.
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