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Always thought of it as training wheels.

I don't like your opinion of 'almost without question'. Imo they can be easily compared to other. People like TeapoT and Zaarock were just as skilled members if not better than Haku or Dargon, players i consider equals. Zaarock Teapot Imsku etc were on another level to most current players.

At the end of the day, the people on these lists will just be the ones most exposed/personally mentioned. Like ipod adding me to his list as much as it tickled my gooch.
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oops nvm
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imsku best ever TK player, closely followed by ern, rocker and zaarock imo

everyone else irrelevant.

Best current player is cowmeat because he's literally the only person who plays it. A bit like how the pope is the best pope
shut up fallu

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I can agree with that. I just wish was able to play with ern or rocker, have not seen them in the time I've played
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Damn no one mentioned me?
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elvis is good
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