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Christmas Brawl

Ho ho ho 'tis the season to be merry! And what better way to celebrate than to receive free stuff? This holiday season, the Event Squad will host special tourneys called EChristmas. The winner of each tourney will not just win Shiai Tokens, but cool items as well!

Happy Holidays and let the brawl begin!

Servers will be made public so global rules will apply.
The prize of each tourney will be announced during the global or the tourney intro.
Item prizes will be sent shortly after the tourneys.
Each tourney will only have one winner.
Don't bug the Event Squad to host EChristmas.

Single Tourney Prize

First Place:
2x + 7k TC + the item announced

Second Place:
1x + 3k TC

Steampunk Joints

Full Crusher
Full Magic Box
Full Mana
Full Astro
Full Space Box
Full Sakura
Full Anime Box
Full 256 Body Textures
Obsidian Scythe
Plague Mask
100 Empty Sets
Wibbles Subscription
50,000 Toricredits
3 months VIP Subscription
Wishlist Ticket 1 (One non-elite tier full color pack available in the Torishop)
Wishlist Ticket 2 (One 3D object available in the Torishop)
Wishlist Ticket 3 (One full Shiai item pack released this year, choose between a color or an item box)

Full Mana - Karstnator
Full Magic Box - Code
Steampunk Joints - hugsteur
Full 256 Body Textures - Woeb
Full Astro - Goat
Full Sakura - Woeb
Wishlist Ticket 1 (Full Azurite) - joel
Obsidian Scythe - Yami
Wishlist Ticket 3 (Impure Box) - kris
100 Empty Sets - hamoudaB
Full Crusher - LoliSlaya
3 months VIP Subscription - Blink
50ktc - Aurarian
Full Space Box - Corruption
Full Anime Box - canyouwrk
Plague Mask - woeb
Wishlist Ticket #2 (Centurion) - Foobi
Wibbles Subscription - Diablo

The event will end once all prizes have been claimed.

Credits to Hagan for the awesome art.

I'm your top tier waifu.
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User received infraction - Useless post
just your classical aussie

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Old Dec 19, 2018   #12
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I am winning idc
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Old Dec 20, 2018   #13
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rly cool prizes
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wow good good
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Old Dec 22, 2018   #15
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i need that 3 month vip subscription
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Old Dec 22, 2018   #16
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Posts: 208 I only one who noticed "obsydian"? Regardless, this is going to be fun.
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Old Dec 28, 2018   #17
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The worst prize is 100 empty set
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Old Jan 6, 2019   #18
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lol im so sad ! i get the 100 empty sets
empty sets are not a prize

1 empty set = 10 tc
i hope next time to find some good prize
i dont need ''my worth prize'' ...
i have a question : Prizes are random transfering or by choose ?

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All prizes have been sent.
Hope you had a fun holiday!
Thanks to those who took part in this event!

I'm your top tier waifu.
DM or PM me for cute panda pics and vids!
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