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Endurance Onslaught
Endurance Onslaught


Welcome to the Endurance Onslaught a seemingly regular bracket tournament but with a twist.
The outcome of the match will not be determined by frames but by stamina.
Reach 100,000 points before your opponent to knock them out and win the match.
With matches as long as 2,000 frames this is a test not only of skill but of tenacity.


• Mod is Lenshu3ng.tbm
• Matchframes are 2,000

(Set lenshu3ng.tbm as the mod and change the matchframe to 2000.You can NOT change any other gamerule)

• 100,000 points is a win.
(100,000 = one hundred thousand )

(You win immediatly once you have reached 100k points)

• Best of 5 matches to decide the game.
• DQ is a loss.*
• Timeout is a draw, you must reach the pointthreshold.
(when a match ends by a draw no player will receive a win point,the score stays the same it was before this match started)
• If both players reach the threshold on the same turn, examine the replay to determine the winner.
The losing player must relax all and space to dq every turn after his opponent reaches the pointlimit(to end the match).

*If you reach the point threshold and then DQ it is still a win

Some more explanation

Some tipps


Think you got what it takes? Fill out the form below and reply to this post. Entrance fee is 5,000 Toricredits.

Application code:

-I have sent the 5000 tc entrance fee to Kane
-I have read and understood the rules

Application deadline is 23.12.2018


First place: 800000 tc + Full space set + 7 Shiai tokens

Second place: 400000 tc + Full Astro#1+#2 + 5 Shiai tokens

Third place: 150000 tc + Full cellshading set + 3 Shiai tokens

Random prizes giveaways for random participating players in this event!(not for first,second and third place)Random prizes will be given out after the event is finished.

Application Deadline

You can apply until 23 December 2018

Round 1 Deadline

The deadline for round 1 is 6th January 2019

Deadline explanation

Discordserver for this event to set up matches


Diamond - 500k tc
Lamby - Full cellshading set
1oI - Over 150 Items!(including Flame: Dark Willpower,Hidden blade,Shuriken,Sky googles,Spiky hair,Impure force , some 128 textures (body,joint and trails), some more items and many,many gladiator items ) and 7000 tc
Pavor - HeadToriboopers,Lil spooks,ToriTeam Söderspy
iTemp - 100k tc
Staff - 15 Shiai tokens
Penguin - 100 Items!(Including Steampunk Hat,Steampunk googles,the Staff,the spear,Mammoth tusks,hit sounds,kiai sounds, many other 3d items and A LOT of different forces/relaxes plus various other things)
Rolen88 - 15000 tc
Tripstone - 420 tc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Portugese Translation(thx to Code)

Russian Translation(thx to Diamond)

Spanish Translation(Thx to Yuensiu)

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I have sent the 5000 tc entrance fee to Kane

-I have read and understood the rules
unban wounder already

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Dator Mortis
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Ofcourse i am in. Sending entry fee
Pm me for deals
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-I have sent the 5000 tc entrance fee to Kane

-I have read and understood the rules
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ich bin dabei \o/
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-I have sent the 5000 tc entrance fee to Kane

-I have read and understood the rules
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- you've sent 5,000 toricredits to Kane
Count me in brother
Nightmare Flow
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-I have sent the 5000 tc entrance fee to Kane

-I have read and understood the rules

you might wanna get in touch with es to make sure there arent any alts
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-I have sent the 5000 tc entrance fee to Kane

-I have read and understood the rules

I'm in I guess
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I have sent the 5000 tc entrance fee to Kane
-I have read and understood the rules
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