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Head Texture of the Month: Ocean

May it be the friendly fish near the surface or the mysterious horrors of the abyss, the Ocean has many interesting creatures dwelling within and you get to show us your favorite as the theme for this month is Ocean, and if you are not a friend of the fish don't worry there is so much more in the sea ! Be creative and hit us with a wet surprise !

In this event, the Event Squad (ES) give you guys a theme to work with, and you have 4 weeks to create an amazing head texture. The person who creates the head that best fits the judging criteria receives prizes. But don't worry if you don't make it out on top, as there will be several honorable mentions. Now get drawing friends!

We do still have rules that are to be followed. Keep in mind we may not judge your art if it doesn't follow ALL of these rules.

- No plagiarism, this isn't tolerated at all and is severely punishable
- Do not submit old/pre-made textures.
- A rough sketch or WIP is required to prove that it is a head in progress and not a pre-made head that you are reposting.
- Collaborations are allowed, however in this scenario prizes will be split.
- Only one submission is allowed, which also means no alts used to submit two different heads. If you're collaborating with another artist, you can only submit that head.
- Submissions must be in 512x512 or higher.
- Post watermarked flats in this thread with spherical previews. It would be much appreciated if you used Toribash Textures for 3D previews.
- If you aren't using Toribash Textures, ensure to make your previews clear, show all aspects of your head and attempt to keep watermarks somewhat non-intrusive while still being effective.

The winner will receive the following:

100000 TC

The winners of the honourable mentions prize will receive the following:

30000 TC

All winning entries and honourable mention winners will be mentioned in both the Opening Post of the next HTotM with the artists credited AND in a Sticky thread in the art forum. So if you're looking for a chance to establish yourself as an artist in the Toribash community, this is it!

The winners of the Previous HTOTM were as follows:

First place:

Astra with "Serious Santa"

The honorable mentions are:

Crollex with "Rona The Reindeer Bartender"
KdigityDog with "Krampus"

The holly jolly bunch of purple fellows and their gang, the Event Squad!

The deadline is 4 weeks after event goes live: February 6th, 20:00 (GMT+0)


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This current month is great, I can't wait for the tenticool submissions.


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Who wil do a mermaid? xD
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Too soon
i created the :wrestlers: emoji
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Draw sandmans eys.that will win
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I am not a fish
I got busy and I don't know if I can work more on it, I'll leave it as it is, I'll work on it if I got time before it ends. For now It's finished.

Name:I am not a fish
Briefing: A guy's uper body stuck in a glass fish tank guy broke the glass and his finger is poking out and a octopus that's shooting ink and it's head is poking out from the top, And a random fish

I am still working on it, its most likely gonna change alot




I'm in [a] now

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Updated the head
I'm in [a] now
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Very epic head

I am excited for more heads to be created


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What evolution of your Vanish arts I believe has a great chance to win.
Kim Jung G,Proko,Brush Rush,ZHC,Ross Draws...
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Originally Posted by Krong View Post
Someone make a squid please, thanks

ok <3
l l Fuck Aurarian l l
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It's a Swag Sharko, Deal With It

Eh well i drawed him in the app named by "Rascunho"


It's my first Head that i really wanted to do, cause i'm a very bad arstist
Good Lucky everyone ^^

also, cool head Clint
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