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Tournament Weekend

hey kid, we've got a van full of Shiai Tokens, come check out :^)

...wait, we're actually going through with this? Hory crap!

You asked for more tournaments, you get more tournaments!
You wanted shiai tokens? Here's your chance to get shiai tokens!
Ooh, all those fancy new items in your grasp!

The premise is simple: Next weekend, from Friday the 13th (oh crap) to Sunday the 15th, we're having 54 hours of non-stop tournaments.
They're the tournaments you've come to love: Knockout, Victory, Hotseat, One Chance, Panics... You name it!
There will be trivia, there will be decap prizes, there will be the new style prizes! Hot damn, it's just shiai tokens galore!

Wait, what? Style prizes!?

Heck yeah! They're a new kind of prize that you can earn from any ES hosted in-game event!
You punched someone's head off while dismemberthreshold is 300? So cool, have a prize!
You countered someone's shovel from the corner of the dojo, flipped him around and DQ'd him, instead? Holy crap, have a prize!
Boom? Prize! Winning in Aikido without grab? Prize! Winning the match with an uppercut? PRIZE!
See below for more information, under the Rules divider.

All global rules apply, as usual.
Most of all, use common sense and don't be mean to each other. Love and friendship prevails <3

As for style prizes:
- Giving out prizes for styles is up to the hoster. You're free to suggest for a style prize, but please try not to spam about it!
- A maximum of three style prizes can be given out in each tournament.
- The fight should look good in a replay, not just in the turn starts!
- When something cool happens, GET HYPE! That's an order!

Knockout, Victory, One Chance and Panics:
1st place: 2 Shiai Tokens and a random item
2nd place: 1 Shiai Token and a random item

Hotseat victories, trivia, style prizes:
1 Shiai Token

Maybe there's more? Who knows!

From 6:00 PM (GMT 0) of Friday the 13th
to 11:00 PM (GMT 0) of Sunday the 15th

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Do you have a list of top players for this weekend?

[Market Squad]

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Originally Posted by Kriegery View Post
Do you have a list of top players for this weekend?

These are only ETournies but i guess it's something.

Watermagic 3 Joel 2 BillyTheSk8rBoi 2 Ancient 2 Zero 2 Natejas 2 Heybans 1 JayBOOSTgg 1 Icky 1 Poxpox 1 Voidboy 1 Moon 1 Deprived 1 Lucky 1 WeppetKo 1 Kane 1 iRookie 1 Berzerk 1 Moop 1 Tasku 1 Orgyn 1 Retro 1 Pomses 1 Slicc 1 Gyke 1 Fire 1 Bird 1
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might not 100% true, but here it is

Top Knockout/Victory 1st place winners:

” Top Knockout/Victory 2nd place winners:”

”Hotseat winners”

”Trivia Winners”

”Style Prizes winners”

”Total ST Collected”

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