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Old May 9, 2017   #11
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in regards to grab importance do you have any grab tech?
so far i have found grab transfers. you have their hand they still have an open ungrabbing hand and you pass it to somewhere else then ungrab to have a free hand.
grab pin. same as the grab transfer but the goal is to slam it into their body in a manner that makes it easier to pin them while maintaining the garb because it can cause frac circuits
the last one i know of is the free ungrab. you can use this when you have distance between the hands. even when they are grabbing you can escape
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Regarding this tutorial it is just a very basic, very basic, tutorial for very new players. In tutorials to come I would be explaining this, I know all these and whatnot. It was just not necessary for this tutorial. It is just a get-your-feet-on-the-ground-starting tutorial.
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Old Jun 30, 2017   #13
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Another important thing is to remember that glutes exist and you REALLY need them for grappling mods like these, I also like to always have my legs spread apart.
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One thing I've noticed that rides under the radar is the neck, in most situations the neck can be a major part in winning or losing! not just keeping your head off the ground,but can give you some support leverage in lifting and even turning the other player!
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