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Old Jun 16, 2017   #1
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Attack Recruitment Board

Welcome to our recruitment board.

If you want to join our clan you can search people from [Attack] in game or just write a application right here.
(Hey pssssh, maybe some applications into my pm on forum)

At first we looking for people who:
1.Wanna join clan wars.
2.Who like chatting in-game or in forum(My prefer, so;) )
3.Good player and etc.
4.Who know English or Russian(
maybe both languages )
You can write about:
1.Your real name
2.Where you from
3.How old are you
4.How much time you play toribash, your belt
5. Favourite mod
6.Where you most skilled(mod, yep)
7.Your local time(for example:my local time GMT+4)
8.How much time you active in-game/on forum and etc.

(P.S)Yo, maybe i`m not supa-dupa in design and english lang.

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Old Jun 17, 2017   #2
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3.5 Years Ago (Got Hacked 2nd Dan Belt/Quitted) Today Im A Brown Belt
7.Most 2 HOURS
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Old Jun 17, 2017   #3
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First dude, who was invited from this forum board
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Old Jun 17, 2017   #4
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Scotland (western isles)
3.on my old pc i had over 1,500 hours but on this pc i only have 63, i have 2 previous accounts that i lost one with black and one with brown favorite mod has to be akaido skilled at akaido but im also good at parkour
6.GMT+0 active nearly every day in game but on the fourm im not very active but if i get in i will try and change that
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Old Jun 17, 2017   #5
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Application for Qelectron.
It is unfortunate that I do not know how to speak or write Russian, but I can write and speak in English.

I'll try to keep this application short, to prevent death by boredom via long-text syndrome.


I am 17 and from England, currently within Cornwall. I've moved several times between Devon and Cornwall, so I can say with absolute certainty that Devon is more interesting.

I play Toribash frequently, and am quite a good player.

I am a green belt, but not at green belt level, I can assure you. I don't have a favourite mod, I do like parkour maps. I am most skilled in aikido, or so I like to believe, I could in fact just be a garbage player who's desperate to join a clan (I am not).

GMT + 0

I am active in-game a lot, however I rarely ever use the forum, of course this will change. Do not expect me to be on constantly, I do have other things in my life, chess, eating and sleeping, etc.

I hope I can be a valuable member. I made sure to keep this short to prevent myself from crushing disappointment from being denied and to save the reader from boredom.

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Old Jun 17, 2017   #6
10th Dan Black Belt
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ItsSuso, Qelectron good in-game, invited.I hope you will be good clan members
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Old Jun 17, 2017   #7
Green Belt
Join Date: May 2017

2.15 belt (got banned name is Xtermix2) mostly sundays and thursdays
4.ABD Mushu
6.GMT +2
7.seriously i dont know....
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Old Jun 17, 2017   #8
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Invited and welcome
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Old Jun 17, 2017   #9
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Clan: Chivalry

3. It's been almost a year now and i'm only brown belt but now i play way more frequently than before
4. Aikidobigdojo/erthtkv2
7.Often during the week end and i check the forums quite a lot during the day even if i dont talk a lot
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Old Jun 17, 2017   #10
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Join Date: May 2013
Posts: 242 Tank`s application and he invited
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