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Old Dec 2, 2017   #11
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Skyzj09's recruitment rquest
]1. The names skyzj11/Blackbelt

2.My friends sees me as thunder so i thought "hey volt should fit me"

3.I prefer boxshu when it comes to wars

4.Ill be online every day from 12AM to 6PM and maybe longer[/FONT]

-Thanks for reading the app-
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Old Jan 4, 2018   #12
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zRush3r/Brown Belt
I want to join Volt because it's a cool clan, I want an active clan and I want to help it as much as I can
I would like to be in the ABD War Team.
I play everyday.
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Old Jan 9, 2018   #13
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Belt:8th dan black belt

im so active in tb q-q

Favorite mods:boxshu,abd and taekwondo

Reasons for wanting to join volt:i dont have idea but i like the volt

i'm waiting the invite :>
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Clan: Volt

- Username/Belt/My username is miiniman and I am currently a 4th degree black belt
- Why do you want to join Volt?/I would like to join volt to sorround myself with good people ande to help make the clan greater.
- What war team do you want to apply for (ABD/Boxshu)?/ I currently do best in ABD, so yeah =).
- How active are you?I am normally on every day for a few hours, and if im not on toribash I can always be reached on discord.
Thank you for your time and do consider me.
[REM] For life!O marceline,Why are you so mean?Adventure Time!Carnage all the way!
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Clan: Volt

-Hi! My In game name is Quadragnos and I'm a 3rd Dan close to 4th.

- I'd like to join volt because of it's friendly members and determination to win and get better.

-I'm not the best at ABD, but I'm hoping to change that with a bit of help. Boxshu is my specialty, so if my ability in that area can help the Volt's Boxshu war team, I'm happy to help.

-I'm quite active, typically around 4 days a week. It'd be 24/7 if life would stop getting
in the way, but I still manage to find time.

-As a sidenote I also do a bit of art and am certified in Photoshop.

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