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Clan: Power On

Application Station OP
Time to get down to the nitty-gritty.
If you show no interest or care in your application, it will be ignored.
No Alternate accounts are allowed to apply or join this clan. Don't lie, we will sniff you out.
You will be required to fill out the guideline below whilst keeping it in paragraph form.
Good Luck.

What Is Your History With Toribash?

Why Join OverPowered?

What Do You Have To Offer To The Clan?

What Mod Is Your Strongsuit?

How Is Your Forum Activity?

Are You Able To Communicate By IRC Or Forum Pms?

Add three replays of the mod you listed as your strong suit below.

You highly increase your chances of joining the clan if you know up to 2 members or regularly hang out in our discord.
I wish the best to all of the applicants. Can't wait to see some new faces in the clan!!!

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My history
I joined toribash on April 11th, 2015. I found toribash when i watched a markiplier video and i thought it looked fun so i gave it a go.
During my time in toribash i have never been banned and have mainly only played grappling mods, but recently i'm moving into more striking and kicking mods.

Why i want to join PowerOn
I want to join PowerOn because I would like to be part of a player base that is not only skilled in aikido based mods, but also skilled in other mods such as wushu.
Another reason i would like to join your clan is because I like the basis and goals of the clan and the whole style that you guys are going for.
The final reason I would like to join your clan is so that i can expand the mods i play and share knowledge about the mods i know with other people.

What i can bring to PowerOn
I can bring my loyalty and my participation in wars to the clan, but i can also help host tourneys and events.
I have past experiences in recruiting and managing members and i think i would be able to assist in that when the time comes.

My main mod

My main mod is aikidbigdojo and i have been playing it since I was a brown belt, in aikidbigdojo i usually try to strike the opponent and am somewhat successful in doing so.
But most times i usually end up in an intense grapple fight.

Fourm & Ingame activity
I am on the forums constantly and browsing around, so i would rate my forum activity a solid 9 out of 10.
I am ingame everyday and play until i have to leave which is usually 10 pm my time so id rate my ingame activity a 9 out of 10 as well.
Im able to communicate with both irc and pms, but i also have a discord which is Crow#9564.

As for the replays im sorry that they dont show much, i dont usually save my replays so i dont have a good stock pile like others.
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Clan: Power On

Great application, it is well put together and showcases your activity and will to join.
I also very much appreciate the replays.
Great start off to this thread!
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I started playing toribash in early 2007 , I found this game by accident while looking for game genre 3D fighting game , after I downloaded it , I didn't have access to the Internet and I played one.

why I want to join your clan , it's for two reasons I like the clan name and I'm awesome.
I almost forgot , my name is Alexander I'm 19 years old and I am learning to drive.
and I don't know how to apply for membership
If you still invite me to the clan and will try to fix the application in a better way.
I just don't know how to tell us about yourself
anyway to tell stories.
and I have no replays , I deleted the old version of the game.
I decided to fix the previous story because I'm ashamed.
I started playing toribash in 2007 , I learned it by accident while looking for game genre 3D fighting game.
When you first entered the game I wondered "and how to walk and jump" after 30 minutes I decided that the game is broken.
then I came across a video in YouTube , I saw how to play and I sucked. Since I had no Internet access I played one.
after I've been still hooked up to the Internet I went to multiplayer and since I'm in this game.

Why I want to join your clan?
1.I like the TAG
2.I want clan wars
3.Want to help with the development of the clan

My name Alexandr I am 19 years old , I'm learning to drive and are addicted to football.

My favorite mods is:lenshu3ng.tbm and rk-mma.
and I have no replays , I deleted the old version of the game.

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Clan: Power On

After some discussion, we have decided our final verdict.
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Application- Chekerz
I am an alt my main is K1ngSlay3r but I forgot the password to it so I'm stuck on this one (I cant get it back already tried with admins)

History with TB
Watched a concon video on it, decided hey why not try it haha, so I ended up playing the game and really enjoying it, met a lot of people such as crow ayy what up bb <3 and I met bloodyvine before but it was very brief haha.

Why join?
Because its a new clan and id like to help in any way I can, i like to be a part of new clans and help them get to the top.

What can i offer?
When it comes down to it, when its clutch time its my time. and i can do some decent art haha

I main ABD but I'm also pretty beastly at

Forum activity
I have none lel, but I'm extremely active on discord and things like that and ingame

IRC or PM's
i can but I'm not the best at it honestly

IDK how to post replays outside of discord
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Clan: Power On

Sorry, we don't accept alts.
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Ingame Name: UziVert2
belt: 2nd dan black belt (counting my alts)
Other:I am David i live in New York i have been playing Toribash for 11 months i have a'lot of experience in leading a clan speaking of that i was a war lord in Beard for 5 months and was in echo for 1 month i am very active i am nice to others i have no beef with anyone in the Toribash Community.I really enjoyed the members, congratulations for this great choice of members, because they are all kind and mature and fun, and I think I have many reasons for choosing All Stars, I've been making applications for some time, but I was not aware of being in a responsible clan as such, and when All Stars appeared, I became interested and started working on my application.

Other clans i have been in: Echo,Wapow,Beard,Error,Team Gray,Decap

Why i would like to be in Power on: Well, Power on has been a growing clan that i would like to be apart of because the members are responsible and hard working but, they also have a sense of humor. And thats what i like about Power on.
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Clan: Power On

You have just applied to multiple other clans within a week time span.
Sorry, try again in a week or 2 m8 <3
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Clan: Power On


I've been on Toribash for some time now; taken a few breaks off and on, but I do very much enjoy this game.
Can't say that there's any reason in particular for joining (Power), but you seem like good peoples.
My strongest Mod is undoubtedly ABD, however I do feel as though I'm a well rounded player.

` I despise the Mushu mod in any form~

I can be as active as you need to be, but if nobody else is posting I probably wont either.
If taught how IRC works I can most definitely use it to communicate with you guys. But if you would rather just PM me feel free to do so.

ADD me on Discord; Kahry" (Norez)#0378

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~Can't we all just get along, peaceful like~
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