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Free Forum Usability Improvements
Hey all,

My suggestion is to implement a free search in some capacity. I understand server load is probably a concern, so the search could be limited in history, forum, times per day, limit it by age of account/qi of account/posts on account or other ways to make the load negligible but still allow a more functional forum for free users.

A couple of examples:
The new Toribash Next thread, i have no idea what the most recent information in the thread is because i can't look up hampa's posts or search for hampa within the thread.
This suggestion forum, rule number 4 says i should check if my feature has already been suggested. The only way for me to do that is look through all the posts.

I think that if we looked at forum usage rate we would see that there is a large number of people who just don't bother with the forum. I know i left my clan when they implemented a forum use rule, which isn't here or there, but if it was more functional without paying money i may have been using it on my own before the clan required it.
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Pardon me if my bit of suggestion is not possible. Too much jargon i might not fully understand or might misinterpret on this thread, but i am hoping that this bit not overlap to what it already suggested.

If the argument is that by making the search function for free would make torivip obsolete, why not make the free search function limited... Like, you can do x search within a x days (could be weeks, month, year), while torivip search function is unlimited.

and @enben: you might want to talk with either Sir or suomynona about that
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I don't think anybody's saying making a free search would turn torivip obsolete, merely that $5 is a reasonable price to search and make use of the forum. My original suggestion was for a limited search, so that they wouldn't have to remove it form torivip.

Are Sir or suomynona in charge of coordinating volunteer efforts? I wouldn't want to bother anybody on accident.
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I think basic ways to filter threads by "user" or "key-words" or something would be cool, no?

I don't know if this is how VIP works but I have in mind that toriprime grants you more specific search. If so, just being able to remove posts you don't want to see by any means (I really can't think of anything concrete) should be okay, right?
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Originally Posted by Smaguris View Post
This feature is available for VIP users, and honestly, if you're using forums on the regular then 5$ for 6 months is an absolute bargain to enjoy the search feature.

Toribash is a free to play game with fairly small playerbase so current server is probably good for whatever load is used to at the moment. Adding free search tool would mean they would have to get a better server or it would have high risk of crashing, so search being vip-exclusive feature makes the most sense.

I had forum VIP! I didn't know that it was an available option... maybe a pm should be sent to the user who purchases giving them a list of all the perks and how to access them and use them.
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Do these posts get acknowledged in some way by staff if they're going to be implemented in any capacity?

How does a suggestion get vetted, considered, and possibly implemented?
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If a developer likes your suggestion and thinks it deserves implementation he will mark it "Elevated", otherwise it stays forgotten.
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So there's no discussion about the suggestion with someone with the power to implement unless they happen to like the suggestion?

Is there a way to poll users to see if they care about a feature? Leaving feature selection to developer interest seems misguided to me. As a developer i've usually been handed a roadmap and expected to make it happen.
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