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[TBN] Moddable Joint States
Right now, in TB, there are 4 set states for each joint. For most, that's relax, hold, extend, and contract.

What I'd like to see is the ability to add states per joint, rename joint states, and the ability to set parameters like axis, strength, velocity, range, and other things that are relevant to the motion of the joint.

In practice, this could let modders do an incredible number of new things. Something that immediately comes to mind is that people could be allowed to add "slower" versions of extend and contract, a la suggestions like this.

Controls might be difficult to figure out - For things like the example I gave above, the normal way of changing joint states might get cumbersome. You could give modders the power to change controls, but without access to the clients keybinds, it'd be obnoxious for modders to have to override people's preferences mod-by-mod.

For example, the way I envision the example I gave earlier working best is selecting one of the four basic joint states, and pressing any key, and then using the scroll wheel, another key, or the mouse, to toggle through the joint states that the modder has grouped with that basic state.

Finding a versatile solution for every unique situation that controls become an issue might be difficult, but I still think that this general suggestion could add a LOT to TBN.

Limiting the number of states that modders can add per joint is an option, but I'd be best if it wasn't ridiculously low. When I first thought of the idea, 16 seemed like a reasonable number, as long as it's fine performance-wise, and the previous issue gets ironed out.

For lots of other great modding suggestions, look here, here, here and at jisse's TBN thread that I haven't had time to find yet i gotta pick somebody up jeSUS
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