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More detailed ingame prompts
Because dueling is even more excruciating now thanks to rules that are being created by the minute, we need better prompts for when people spectate, because you can't even spectate DURING A REPLAY or the other person gets the win.

When someone isn't playing, during a replay, or during the very first turn of playing, the prompt for spectating should just be 'McFarbo has joined the spectators'
Now when someone is mid game, the spectate prompt should be 'Mcfarbo has joined the spectators while playing'

Same should be for pings as well, if you ping in game (after first turn) it should say "Mcfarbo has disconnected mid-game (pinged)"


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This is a very good suggestion and i definitely back this up because apparently some dumb people in the dueling community pull this shit off and report it and staff just complain about it so we need better detailed ingame prompts
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I agree 100% with this, it causes too much confusion and it's completely reasonable to be able to spec during replay or before first turn. Counting those as losses are honestly just taking advantage of lame rules. I think that the text saying the match has started should start after the first moves have been made to avoid more of the "first frame losses"
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