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(Satire) Satire

Welcome to Satire!
Feel free to have a look at our Thread and gain an insight into the mind of the Mad.
Can you feel the shadow pulling you towards our brotherhood, outsider?
If so, have a look at our recruitment section.

With that amount of Insanity and Madness in our Rows the Brotherhood of Satire is definitely a tolerant connection.
However, even we have a code you must obey.

intentionally offending in- or outsiders

The King Jester.
Drove to insanity, the once known king left his high castle in search for another life. It had been weeks, he had no food, barely any water, yet he kept smiling and joking it off. In the midst of his daily quabble with himself, a pack of jesters came strolling down, the lonely king leaped out begging and pleading for help, money anything, the jesters looked at eachother with smiles up to their cheek bones, "Beware the black mist" they all chuckled. The king sprung up to his feet screaming "The mist!? all i see is the mist, but you, you stood out" . The jesters stopped smiling, the small one left a bag by his feet. "When you open this the mist will become clear" and they strolled away. The King, bewildered, opened the bag, to find a jester outit, with a long royal like staff. With no other choice he put the outfit on, and laughed his way through pain and destruction, to the gates of hell and summoned his jester army, in hopes for all eternal power and glory
The therapist.
"Hello doctor..." The man said, gloomily glaring at the floor, waiting silently for a reply, the doctor skipped the greetings "I see you aren't doing well, all the bodies clog your nose axeman?" he said, smirking behing the cover of his mask. "Is now really the time for jokes?" the man sharply fixed his eyes at the doctor, he felt as if he could see through his mask, he didn't feel... Safe. The doctor asked what was really bothering the man, he replied, "the skeletons, the heads rolling, i cant help but feel guilty, but i have no choice, the king give me no choice". The doctor slowly began to burst into screaming laughter, slowly lifting his mask to reveal a mysterious black mist.
The Executioner From a young age he wanted to be a knight, a hero, slaying the bad and helping his kingdom. He started by helping his Dad cut wood for the fires, gaining his trusty axe, whilst his brother sat indoors reading away Lazy pig he thought. Oh well, not like he can help, he is only skin and bone. Getting lost in deep thought, rambling about his brother he was shook to his senses by an eiree scream, and the feeling of rain dropping on his face. He was hooked. He chopped again, the scream grew louder "STOP" the mubling voice roared. Yet the voice could not reach him, like stook in a trance he kept chopping, 'till the rain stopped and the screaming fell silent.
The boy stood in shock, he looked down at his suddenly blood stained axe, and the snow white hand flowing red sea like a river. His heart sank. Tears dyed red trickled down his face. His eyes wider than a vally glared at the now collapsed father, and his brother sealing the wound. "ARGH" the man echoed as his wound was sealed shut by the scoldering iron. Run he thought I must go. His brother dressed in black robe said "Well axe cutter, i think the king would be very fond of you" as he dragged him into the black mist, leaving only the axe behind
The unlikely trio
"Welcome to the mist, Brother." Said the doctor, fixings his gloves and dropping his mask. "This place seems so... Familiar." He said wiping his tears and relaxing his stiff pose. "Our place of birth should be very familiar." Said the Doctor, his lifeless sockets for eyes staring into the dark abyss. They stood in silence. Not a sound was to be heard. This silence wasn't long given, yet had they wished it did indeed. The faint sound of tapping shoes and jingles could be heard, as if it was far, but it was oddly clear. "HAHAHAH, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE- oooooh, scary, very scary indeed" the croaky voice boomed from the shadows. "We have the brain and the brawn, but niether of you have anything special clearly. Especially the big one, he just looks angry. And whats this, looks like the barber took a bit too much "off the top" bones." A Jester as visable as a spotlight in the nights sky stepped fourth, his gold still shining in the dark. "Welcome to the mist" he said "I beleive you are THE brothers. Now lets discuss buisness..."

The Brotherhood is willing to spill blood in oder to satisfy their desires.
A plan has been drafted and the execution already began.

Strike fear into the hearts of the unworthy[✓]
Get 40 active members [✓]
Get 100k in the bank [✓]
Get rank 150 [✓]
Get rank 100 [✓]
Get rank 50 [✓]
Get rank 30 [✓]
Get rank 15 [✓]
Get rank 10 [✓]
Get rank 5 [✓]
Get rank 1 [✖]
Get Official [✖] be continued..

Honor to whom honor is due.
Some strong clans have crossed the Brotherhood of Satire.
Most of them died. The few that didn't but turned out as Allies instead are listed below.



Check out this epic WET event! For more information, click the forum below!


The shadow did reach for you?
Now it is time to embrace it with all what is left of your soul!
We only accept blackbelts or higher, since the other colors can't be hidden in the dark, yet.
Practice and come back to earn your spot in the Brotherhood.

To serve the shadow you must follow the code.

State the following.
- Where do you live? (For Timezone purposes)
- Your age and your gender (Optional)
- Your Discord. (A way to contact you)
- Your belt and your Qi.
- Your reasons for wanting to join.
- How active are you in the forums?
v .Post your app in the link below. v

Be active.
If the Brotherhood doesn't hear from you at least once a week we have to assume you are dead and cut you lose.

You're either with us or not, if you have a valid reason for using an alt, pm the leaders or recruiters.

Keep Your Calm.
We operate from the shadows. Spamming inappropriate messages endangers our mission.

v...Our Textures...v

Bank = Topkekker
BigBrandon and TinyCow are the only users with access.


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Clan: Frost

Your clan is missing requirements infortunately, but don't worry! Check out the Clan Rules & Guidelines, read it carefully and update your thread within a week, thanks

Originally Posted by Clan Rules & Guidelines
  1. A clan story or description.
  2. Aims, goals, and inner-clan guidelines
  3. If you have a clan bank you must state all users that have access to the account as well as the account's name. If you don't have a bank then you may ignore this rule.

Was zurük bleibt it’s erinnerung
Make this girl LMod
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Great war guys! nice wins and effort by everyone involved! also we are now 26th so lets keep the ball rolling and get top 10 by the end of the week we can do it!
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Funny how we went from unranked to ranked 26 in just 3 weeks. I like the dedication the clan has, thankful to have members like you guys
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This is the best clan I have ever been in <3
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<3 aw pizza
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BEST CLAN EVER 99999999999999999/10
Good clan i love it
p.s im the best
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I've been playing Toribash since 2012. Once I hit black belt, I was barely active, but one day I just wanted to break some toris, and I randomly started talking to this dude, Bloodrec.
And... he was really cool. It's kinda hard to make me laugh sometimes, but Bloodrec had it covered. I could see right away why he was in a clan called Satire.
We became good friends very quickly. Bloodrec is a good listener, and he's pretty wise for his age. After a few days, he was begging me to join his clan, even though I'm not the greatest Tori player. At first I didn't want to. I wanted to make my own way and get stronger on my own. I also didn't feel like I was good enough to be in a clan. But Bloodrec told me that Satire isn't about being the best player. It's a clan of friends who care about each other and have each other's backs.
That, I could relate to.
So I hesitantly decided to join and give it a shot, and was totally surprised to learn that Bloodrec isn't just a member, but the founder and leader of the clan. It made perfect sense.
And I'm really glad I did. Yesterday marked one month of being in Satire, and because of you guys, I'm active on Toribash every day. I've improved more as a Tori player in one month, than I did in five years of going it alone. I went from having a few blue colors to having a full blown unique tori that gets complimented almost daily. I have more TC than I ever imagined, from you guys buying my head textures. Now I'm forging flames and making 3D objects, and I'm more involved in Satire than I've ever been with any other group of people. You guys aren't just my clannies, you're my friends. I know you have my back, and when I have issues, I can come to you without worrying about being judged or having rumors spread about me behind my back. In the month I've been here, we've gone from rank #165 to #26, and I couldn't be more proud. I'm honored to be in Satire and call Bloodrec my leader, and I can't wait to see us in that #1 spot. Satire forever. <3
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I'm glad i met blood in a bet server

If that not happens i wouldnt be in this awesome clan

Satire forever <3
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Its the greatest choice i ever made joining this clan. Ive seen everyone work as a team and its so wonderful. We have came so far and we will go even further. We dont plan on stopping any time soon.
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