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The game gets boring after the first few matches, Believe me when I tell that it actually doesn't have any action what so ever. Only thing worth the play is the hilariously disfigured Toris. Other than that, people are just going to move on to much, much bigger games.
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That's because you are
c a s u a l (jk)
Newer players that actually have interest.
I think the main point is it is very hard to earn TC.
People but free games to be free, only to find out the easiest way to get tc is buying it.
Not all people have a convincing point to market, or the ability to make art, or even to play the game very well.
Overall TC can be very difficult to acquire.

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It's the learning curve. I've had two friends try to learn the game. One rage quit immediately and the other just never got back to playing it.

And once again, one of the reasons is TC. People see all the colours and immediately want to buy them, and realize that they have to work for it (or throw money at it). People love immediate gratification, and when they dont get it they get bored. That's why people love loot boxes (or at the very least loot box openings). When they can get loot boxes easily, they will farm for hours for it. They don't want to farm for hours just to buy a colour. They also don't have the skill to enter tourneys yet, and probably don't understand the market, forum events, and most don't do art. They want quick and easy money, which is not easy.

I, for one, love the strategy part of it. I understand that this is a turn based strategy fighting game, not just action and stuff. Some people just want to see blood and guts, and the only time beginners will see blood and guts is when the smurfs wreck them in the first few days/weeks/months.
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New players like me kinda just found it like a bit of entertainment and hilarity at the "Stupid physics" [<< note the wild casual blaming the engine and not his skill], and treated it as a joke. You don't remember every joke ever, do you, so it's easy to forget about, usually never to come back to, or to repeatedly come back very rarely on alt accounts each time.
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the game is hard to get into
its hard to learn and even harder to master
not all people have enough pation to learn it
i mean i personally thought the stock replays were made by pc or using different controls when i first started.
and also the toxic people
and the alts who make them feel they are dumb for not being good
i guess thats why new players quit fast
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I think there are 3 main reasons why and it's in this order

1. Game gets boring, not that many people enjoy 1v1 games, shit gets boring overtime. Imagine having to play monopoly with you and someone else, the game won't be interesting, but when you get 2 or more people the shit gets lit.
2. Steep learning curve when it comes to the game.
3. Earning TC is just too much effort.
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