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toribash depression
im too kind and i have given away everything ive ever owned over 300k worth.
im at the same time happy for them but ''depressed'' for myself.

i see no reason anymore for me to stay in toribash.

remember me, a lowlife alt with broken friendships, some were good..

shoutout to AyeJude...thanks for everything.
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L0l, is this satire or you just that weird?

Regardless, don't give your shit away in future, it doesn't make people like you.
If someone you want to like you asks for free stuff, they aren't worth your friendship anyway and are probably just users.
If you just gave it away to a bunch of people for no reason then how can anyone feel sorry for you?

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Its a copypasta
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Originally Posted by Sthip View Post
Its a copypasta

I'm pretty certain it isn't
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Jesus christ Cykk0 stop trying so hard to get into the hall of shame
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I remember doing the same thing back when I left for a few years or w/e.
Gave away like 1mil TC by doing like 75k/25k tourneys, did one 150k tourney I think too and some 50k ones.

Was like mehh \o/
Also gave Stellar like 300k for the donation thing he said he was doing.
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