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Old Nov 21, 2017   #1
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does toribash help you irl
I'm sort of curious to see if having a background in martial arts in real life helps you in toribash. I'm a first dan black belt in real life and I think that my introduction into the game was smoother than most, but my equally experienced friend disagreed.

One of the fighting moves I learned from toribash was Hampa's Kick, I actually used it to win a championship fight. And thanks to my years of experience I was able to catch onto the game faster than others

What do you think? Does toribash affect your IRL skills? Do your IRL skills affect how you toribash?
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You're not really serious about this are you?
Look dude, when you watch 2 players spar, the kind of moves that they pull off is unaccessible, literally. Unless you had such an odd body structure and the ability to stop time to study what you would do next.
This game does NOT help you at all, aside from having a little bit of fun.
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The only thing that toribash helped me out is about English and I’m still not good, so martial arts... damn
Most of the time, you use irl stuff to learn how to do some things in toribash (backflips and other kind of tricks), because we can translate our real movements into series of command (like an algorithm) and use that algorithm in toribash.
But reverse method ain’t easy and it’s way easier learning from irl stuff than ingame.
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Old Nov 21, 2017   #4
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i used parts of larfen and pusga in an mma fight and i completely owned my opponent
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Old Nov 21, 2017   #5
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I used to get bullied in middle school but then I picked up toribash and started doing madmans on my bullies irl.
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Old Nov 21, 2017   #6
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after playing toribash I learned how to do 7 flips in one jump, and improved my real life vertical by like 18 meters. so I think toribash certainly helped me in an athletic sense
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Old Nov 21, 2017   #7
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i can do a triple back 3 stories off the ground by only extending my ankles irl, couldn't have done it without tb
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Old Nov 21, 2017   #8
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this is a fun thread but please don't get carried away thanks
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Old Nov 21, 2017   #9
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I tried to manipulate someone and fractured my collarbone....
No, but on a serious note, I do not think TOribash helps with real-life techniques.
For example, I do aikido in real life, you do not lift someone straight in the air irl.
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