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[Ultimate][eVo]SummerBash 2013
The Event You Have All Been Waiting For...


There I was, standing by my window, watching the frost slowly creep onto the Glass; the tree cast a shadow against the ground against the moonlight... I slowly started to remember the night before, the fight with the all powerful hampa... It was horrid... I didn't win, nor did I lose, the fight was long lasting and seemed to go on forever. Once we decided to settle it by shaking hands and calling it a draw, I went home and slept for 23 hours... Then here I am, standing at the window. I slowly reached my hand up and pulled the hatch and opened the window, as my hand went to the outside world, I could feel the slight breeze of the night sky brush up against my arm. The coldness started to creep up my arm, to my shoulder and now my back, I could feel the Summer wanting to come and destroy the coldness for good! As I started to remember my next fight with hampa in the winter, I started to feel drought and angry... I pulled up my clenched fist and held it to the moonlit air!!! I let the breeze pull me away into this cold and dark abyss!!! In my clenched fist, fit and snug, was my last fuck... I slowly opened my hand and watched it float away towards the moonlit sky... That was my last fuck, I had none more to give... Somebody else will have to take over... Somebody else will have to fight... But who?!?!


Welcome Toribashians!!! This is SummerBash 2013! In this event, Ultimate and Evolution are looking for somebody to strive and be the 'top dog'. To prove that you are the one that will stop at nothing to become the number one toribashian! This is an annual event and will be hosted every year by Ultimate and more than likely, Evolution.

In this event, there we will a minimum of 64 members, I know that is a lot, but this is one huge event with a huge prize. Each person will need to pay an entry fee of 5k (5,000tc), it is a small amount compared to the big fat prize. The maximum players to enter is 200, it was originally going to be set for 120, but the more the merrier. Because this event is ran off the point system, you will be able to enter at any point in time throughout the event up to 2 weeks before the ending. This means, you have some time to make up the 5k and prepare, the sooner the better though. Further along through this thread, you will read about the point system.

Now, there is this program called "BigBro" for toribash, that is ran on windows to tell you who is ingame and when they get on. The program will be updated each week with the full list of users on it, that way you can track when people in this event are on and you can go play them. You can play one person 5 games a week, that means that every game you play with them after that is not counted towards SummerBash. With 64 players as a minimum and 200 players as a maximum, there are many players to be accounted for and it will be easy to play the games, so you are only allowed to play 50 players a week. Still a lot of games and points to earn, 50 x 5 = 250 games.

Each week there will be a new mod given out to play, you can only play games that are counted for SummerBash in these mods! You do not get to pick mods...

About: Point System

So, the point system is quite easy. If you win a game, you gain 5 points, you lose, you gain 2. As simple as that. Remember that you can play each person a maximum of 5 times a week. You will need to provide proof of the games by doing screenshots of the wins (f8 in the tb client, printscreen for Windows OS, Mac you may need a screenshot program) and putting the images in the spoiler. The easier way to do this is by expanding the chat to the maximum (you can do ` or TAB in older clients to do so), making the room private, and talking to the person that you are playing against through whisper and just keep the game logs on screen. (But do take screenshots after every game anyway)

About: Posting For Points

Posting for points is quite easy, you have the winner (best 3 out of 5 or if you played less games, the one who won the most) post the screenshots and information in this format:

Person played against:
Number of games won:
Number of games lost:


As easy as that. The post after this will be a SummerBash account that the hosters can access and it will hold the full list of players and we can update the amount of points. We will try to put it in order to who has the most points and least points, remember, there is 64-200 members possibly and it may be hard to this.

About: BigBro

Once the event has started, there will be an attachment to the bottom of this thread for the download. You will just need to unzip the program and run the .exe when you are in the mood to play toribash (pfft, that should be all the time) Not much to really say about this, only that it will be updated every week or possibly sooner, so always keep a constant download. There will be a bottom note to say the latest update of it and when it was.

Quick Rules
  • Be respectful to other contestants
  • You have to play somebody if they request it. Not fleeing from them, if you flee, they can screenshot it and shoot me a PM of this, you may lose some points...
  • You can only play a maximum of 50 people a week and each person a maximum of 5 times a week.
  • Have fun, this is the biggest event of the year ;)

How to Enter

Remember, you can enter all the way up to the 2nd to last week of the event. You have plenty of time to enter and pretty much can enter at any point throughout the event. End date is not released yet, but pretty much the end of the summer
You will need to first send 5k to the username: Bank
(All entry fee tc will be going towards the prize)
Then post the following format:

Name: Clan: Pick A Number 1-1000: You've Sent 5,000 toricredits to Bank


Of course, the people with the most points by the end of the event wins.
First Place: 180,000tc - 500,000tc
Second Place: 90,000tc - 300,000tc
Third Place: 50,000tc - 200,000tc

Remember, these are not set prizes, these are flexible. I'm going to warn you, if this event doesn't happen to pick up 64 members, then the prize will be a little bit smaller, but Ultimate and Evolution will make up for the tc not accounted for.

Originally Posted by Rawr
once Summerbash has started, and then within a week or 2, announce it that this is part of it.... Since Summerbash is going off a points system etc, we will be able to collaborate it that way.

Originally Posted by Rawr
More ways to gain points for Summerbash that doesn't deal with online mp play....

Round 1 Information
Mod: Aikido.tbm
Big Bro found below
Read first post fully through again

Round 2 Information
Mod: Taekkyon.tbm
Big Bro found below
Read first post fully through again

Round 3 Information
Mod: brushu.tbm
Big Bro found below
Read first post fully through again

Round 4 Information
Mod: JudoFrac.tbm
Big Bro found below
Read first post fully through again

Round 5 Information
Mod: AikidoBigDojo.tbm
Big Bro found below
Read first post fully through again

Last Big Bro update was at 12:30pm -8GMT, 70people on the list, Rawr, -ian-, Tripstone, Eddy, CoKe, Tinerr, and hampa are on the list also, they aren't in the tourney though.

BigBro Download: here

If you have any further questions, you can either pm Rawr, -ian-, Tripstone, Eddy, Coke, or Tinerr.
Happy Halloween!!!!!
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Hello people of SummerBash, I know it's been a long wait for the scores, but they are finally done. The person who did the scores was Soap, just to give him credibility. Remember, scores may be altered due to reports of people 'running'.


First Place (205k)- Imapirate
Second Place (105k)- MrGarry
Third Place (70k)- Soap


Note: Not everybody is on the list. People who never posted never got put on. All points are accounted for besides Kristis and him putting me as a contestant. Other than that, if you're missing points, most likely you got reported so on so forth. I hardly docked points though because of how many I got.

Bank Log

Happy Halloween!!!!!
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gratz to the other winners

gg garry real close mate :P

and thanks for the prize beta.
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Holy shit I forgot this existed.
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That's what I said... Until he asked me to do the scores. xD

Congrats to the other winners. Pirate won by 1 point. xD
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