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Real time game mode
I've had this idea for a while, and I know that most of the suggestions don't get implemented but I might as well share it with some people.

So what we have right now is that Toribash is a turn-based game. In multiplayer in classic mode for example you get 20 seconds to click your joints how you want to the n you skip 10 frames, and it happens again. The numbers are different for various mods, but the concept is always the same.

My idea is that instead of getting to make moves during the freeze time, you get an option to toggle a gamemode where the replay is going at a slow speed (if we take classic.tbm, we have 20 reaction time per 10 turn frames, so the replay would need to play a turn frame each 2 seconds), and you can click joints at any time during your match. Before the game starts, you get 20 seconds to make some sort of an opener. Joint movements get applied after the counter reaches the beginning of the next frame (so you have 2 seconds to adjust a certain joint if we go with our example). This way, you can allow for quicker and more intense matches, since you see what your opponent is going for and vice versa.

Yet again, this would be hard to implement and probably won't be implemented any time soon, if at all, but I just wanted to share some thoughts and maybe give you some new ideas to think about. Thanks for taking your time to read this, peace.
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it can be easy implemented if you turn the number of reaction frames equal to the number of total frames the game has, and set the timer for each frame reaction to a very low value.

example, we have a standard game, 500 total frames, 10 reaction frames, each has 10 seconds

we can chaneg it this way:
500 total frames, 500 reaction frames, each has 0.2 seconds. (0.2 = number_of_standrad_reaction_frames * time_per_standrard_reaction_frame / total_number_of_frames = 10*10 /500)
and no ghost replay in this case

fully supported

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This would be extreeeeeeeeeeeemely fucking cool.

The only thing I can think of to add is that you'd want to add a small grace period to give users a few seconds to prepare or click over to the client window, since I know a lot of people multitask because of the wait times. Like... 7 seconds, maybe? 5 seconds for kiais to play (what always alerts me personally of my turn) and a couple seconds to click over etc.

But hell yes supported with all my heart

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I don't know how easy it would be to make, but it sounds amazing!
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Think it'd be more fun for people just starting to play by keeping it faster paced, this should definitely be looked into.
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Sounds pretty damn cool to be honest, only thing I'm worried about is how the gameplay will actually turn out.

Think about how a current match works. Players move, they pause for a second to take in how they moved and how their opponent is currently moving then move on the correct their joints according to what they want to do.

If you switch the gameplay over to real time matches then you take away that pause to consider what they want to do. Without that pause people will be rushing to move joints more to just keep their self from dq'ing and not really trying to fight the opponent.

In games like shooter games the real time play style is fine, because a player doesn't have to manage their entire body. If they want to move forward they just press the joystick or w key and move forward. In toribash you have to move multiple joints to begin to move forwards then readjust them after a few frames to complete the movement. The amount of information processing a player has to do for toribash is significantly larger than ordinary games.

So while this idea is VERY FUCKING COOL its an idea that will be very stressful on players, especially new players. You can make the argument that the fast pace will be appealing to new players, but at the same time it will also be stressful and possibly cause them to quit since they don't know how to move their body at all yet and expecting them to do it in real time is just too tall of an order.

If this idea where to be implemented it would have to be for veteran players who understand how to move their tori at will and can lower the amount of processing thats required to figure out what they want to do and how to do it.

Don't get me wrong though, I support this idea, just saying there is a lot more that needs to be worked out before we can consider it doable.
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I like this idea because it makes games with a lot more players possible.
But 1 frame of animation 2 seconds 1 frame of animation 2 second... etc. would look to edgy and to dodgy so i would like a constans slow mo process.
A system that allows non-op players to pause game would be necessary. Here is what i think of:
The op gets a command (/givepause (playername)) that gives any player the ability to pause the game for 10 seconds and give them time write something in the chat or ask for a longer pause.

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This seems like it could make every match really twitchy, but I could be wrong. It's a cool idea that I think has some potential.
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I love that idea and totally suported, will make sparring much more cooler B^) and also will implement a new way of playing which will be a nice update for the game.
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It sounds fun in theory but I can see some problems, mainly the fact that complex actions would be harder to do. Moving various body parts simultaneously is very useful but with the control system we have it wouldn't be as easy in real (well slow mo) time.

However I have a suggestion as an offshoot of this which may or may not be of interest to anyone, what if the two players had separate turnframes and you could change (midgame) how many frames go by for you depending on the situation. Say you are sparring and you want to fine tune a punch you would lower the tf to say 5 and go in slower while the opponent can choose however many frames they want to go by (like someone used to lenshu or something they'd set it to 30) this could allow for more variation and skill. now there's a problem with this suggestion, the waiting time, if your turnframes are higher than your opponent you would have to wait for them to complete their move to catch up. If you have a 50 tf move and the opponent has a 10 tf each time they would do 5 turns while you wait and fine tune your next move until they have 50 frames passed as well, you wouldn't be able to see how many frames your opponent is moving. I'll cut this short as I feel like I've droned on and don't want to sound repetitive. I tried to explain what I mean as best as I can but if there are any questions or if I need to elaborate I will do my best to clear what I mean up.

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