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Old Sep 23, 2017   #131
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Meh, it was december 14th of 2008, it was around 18~ish hours and I was browsing this website that lists softwares for downloads and etc.

I went into the fighting games section and there it was, surprisingly.

Now I just hang around with clan mates (mostly on discord), read the forums and barely post or go ingame.

Still appreciate the community a lot tho, would love to help as much as I can and everywhere I can, but playing the game itself isn't that fun anymore, I guess...
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When I was 10/11 I saw this cool wii store game. I started playing on the Wii, almost the best on the wii... and now I'm here. One of the worst players today.
If you have any questions about forum or ingame, feel free to shoot me a pm.
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Old Sep 23, 2017   #133
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My brother introduced me to this game in 2013, and here i am.
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In 2013 I watched my favourite youtuber at the time known as ChimneySwift11. He was playing Toribash with his friend 360games which I also loved. They were dicking around in fun mods like jesuscopter and I really wanted to play those mods aswell so I downloaded the game and booted it up and just started dicking around. I then fell in love with it to the point where I actually spent all day from the moment I woke up to the moment I go to sleep playing this little game.

Since then I got to master belt, became a mod which was my dream, got sacked because I didn't do anything and met my greatest friend where I got introduced into his little community of friends and now a regular.
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Old Sep 23, 2017   #135
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joined in 2011 with my big bro's account
I think you understand why I started tho^
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Old Sep 29, 2017   #136
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it t'was long ago back in around 2011. I was at my grandpa's house and I was on this indie game forum.
I saw toribash on a top 20 list and decided I wanted to play.
I went to ask my grandpa if I could download it and he said "HELL NO"
But I downloaded it anyways cuz im a badass. When he caught me playing toribash he would ask if I had to download anything I told him that it was a browser game.
The rest goes from there. History was made...
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Old Oct 2, 2017   #137
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Joined by 2014, and I joined because I found the game in youtube and I thought it was cool.
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Old Oct 2, 2017   #138
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Originally Posted by LucarioSky View Post
Joined by 2014, and I joined because I found the game in youtube and I thought it was cool.

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Old Oct 2, 2017   #139
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i googled radgoll games and the tags at the bottom of the forum page brought me here
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i was watching stupid gameplays from a nice youtuber named mangerogel (he was playing shitty games) she plays toribash so i ignore it

i was playing gang beast i was a big fan of the ragdoll games so i search it on youtube and i found toribash again :V

i try to play (making shitty replays)later, i try multiplayer mode (being really noob) and thats the reason why i can't connect to servers :'v

i quit some time later, i create another acc (is empty cuz i have no internet that time :V)

i quit again and here i am with my 3rd acc with mo' items, rank and qi :VVV

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