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Old May 24, 2017   #291
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Really though, can you guys simply recreate public6, it was probably the most used best server there was and nothing compares to it rn, I truly believe you're hurting the game by removing it.
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Old May 26, 2017   #292
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both public mushu rooms and the public greykido room are currently stable at over 10 concurrent players

I've played a ton of games in pub6 and that room only did as well as this - not better.

BB :: grappling is also gaining traction.
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Old May 29, 2017   #293
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bring back rk
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Old May 29, 2017   #294
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Bring back TK
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Old May 29, 2017   #295
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is it hard to simply have more public rooms?
why does one room must replace the other?
is there a fixed number of rooms that you guys cant increase?
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Old Jun 1, 2017   #296
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They just don't want to spread a small player base too thin would he my suggestion... at least when I was GM that was the case iirc (someone correct me if I'm wrong but it's been 2 days)
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Old Jun 1, 2017   #297
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My suggestion
I feel like abd should be put back to public rooms cos while it is in semipro not everyone gets to play and the room is always empty
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Old Sep 12, 2017   #298
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Can you guys add taekkyon.tbm to the public mods ?
I think its a pretty cool mod
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Old Oct 19, 2017   #299
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I'm late but, please add taekwondo!! taekwondo is great. it should really get more attention as a mod.
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Old Oct 21, 2017   #300
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Hey, get rid of wushu_dome and make it Wushu3.tbm. Make an Rkmma room. Thanks.
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