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League of Legends (play for free)
Hey guys.
League of Legends (LoL) is a game I like to play when I get tired of, bored of, or just angry at Toribash. Like Toribash, it is free. You can go to the link at the bottom to download and play it.
LoL is a very popular game. It has millions of users worldwide so if you have an internet connection, you'll be able to play. There are some professional teams that play each other in tournaments (they make lots of money). LoL tournaments have even been aired on ESPN.
Similarly to Toribash, LoL has its own type of in game/store cash. First there are Influence Points (IP), which you receive in every game you play in. You get more IP depending on your performance and if you won or not. Riot Points (RP) are the more rare and valuable currency. You get them as you level up and hit milestones until you are level 10 (the maximum level is 30). You can buy them with real currency.
If you are an artist, Riot accepts artwork and will pay you with in game rewards, such as RP, IP, champions, etc. I know that a lot of you like making textures for Toribash. You can make textures for LoL, called skins, and be paid for them.
So now that you are all reved up to play, click the link and download it so you can see how the game is played.
This is a promo that is going on right now. You can get RP from it.
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dude, did u even look if there is one?
the most posted in thread in the gaming chat is about Lol...
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I think you need glasses, 2hand.

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we already have a league of legends thread

use the search feature before making threads in future
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