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Kiki could you expand on these "elbow lock" techniques and show me an example. I'm curious to what you mean by this...
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im pretty sure you mention after countering the lift, you turn/suplex him out.

expand on the whole suplex process.
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Point system , point holding?
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Basically hitting in the right spots (mainly the inner body and head_ you always have to consider ground control and wrist control too . meaning you must have better control of the wrist when you're grabs are wonky
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I won’t make a whole text, just saying stuff that I saw that was wrong
A good walked lift isnt counterable
Holding all is a good way to counter snaps, so I have no idea why it’s «*not recommended*». It’s basically one of the two choices that you have to make when the opponent is snap kicking and in my opinion, it’s the best one. Relaxing all=less points scored by opponent, balance lost, really bad counter if snaplifted. Holding all=more points scored by opponent, balance kept, good counter for snaplifts as it makes you harder to lift
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