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Awesome FPS moments?
What is your awesome FPS Moments?

I gotta say, I got 3 btw, That these are mine :

1.I was playing a sniper in TF2, a demoman with our intel was jumping up to his balcony in 2fort with a sticky jump, while I was aiming at another guy on the balcony, I shot, and Headshot the demoman instead of the guy i was aiming at.... The demoman Flew so high.....

2. I was a spy, in 2fort, and I was in their base. I was cloaked, and saw an enemy spy uncloak and cloak in front of me(dunno why he did that >.>) So Im like "ooohhh" And I uncloaked, ran up, and Stabbed randomly(just once, JUST ONCE) and I backstabbed...a cloaked.... Duck.. I mean spy.

3.I was a demoman in TF2(Yeah, Thats my fav FPS, Suck it up) And I was practicing my mid-air stickybomb explosion thing. So I Shot one, and it was a crit one, and I Blew it up. Killed a heavy, demoman, a pyro, and 2 cloaked spys. Yes. It was Win. 5 kills in one. Top that.

I probably have more, just cant remember them
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uhh, I was playing as aspy in one of those cart push maps and I snuck up behind all the enemies medics and everything and backstabbed them all in a neat little row.
and some crazy cod1 scores years ago.
yay for screencaps

less points, but a better ratio V
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ive got a tripple awp headshot in counterstrike, and a dubble sniper hs in halo, also i took 4 peoples with one nade in call of duty 4
=) im a lucky man
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Originally Posted by rexton View Post
also i took 4 peoples with one nade in call of duty 4
=) im a lucky man

It's not that hard...

One time when going for "Misery Loves Company" I killed 4 people with an unthrown grenade.
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