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<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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[next] modmaking and other marginally related things

1.) (rly cool) some loadout thing i guess???

2.) reference other mods

3.) some trigger things

4.) A D D J O I N T S

5.) many ways to move a joint buddy

6.) stretchy boy

7.) disable collision on objects

misc stuff dude wow

i probably have other ideas lemme bump this later okay

also shoutout to fear because all these code boxes look alright

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I know this post (mine) isn't constructive enough but that's just why I don't know what to say, you was brilliant pointing out "basic" things and constructing a really well thought concept of how it could work. But I want to bump this as no one is actually giving their feedback.

I won't say I support 100% of this but, maybe, if you point out better how it would work while modmaking I could agree more. I think that the key to make it works is implementing all of this to modmaking system, and I saw you saying more about in game commands and stuff than actually modding (except for codes). Maybe I think like that because I don't know nothing about modding and it is obvious for you but I still think you could point out better the "behind the scenes" part of this, explaining how it would be before going in game.

Not sure if I'm being clear enough but, summing up, I want to know more the modding part than how it's going to look like in game.
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<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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thanks for your feedback, i appreciate it

my modmaking workflow is almost exclusively notepad, so the ingame modmaker ui isn't something that i always think about; i tried to include code boxes in every large spoiler suggestion just to give an example of what it could look like to people who mod similarly to me. (most of the stuff in those codeboxes is a little bit of what modding already looks like + whatever i'm suggesting).

i dunno if it's worth it to try to throw together an example of what the ingame ui could look like if the general audience of the suggestion are devs & other modders who could add/refine anything

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