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Originally Posted by Flame View Post
in my opinion, in addition to all the reasons clans could be picked as legends could be like achievements, like hitting a certain amount of time staying #1 clan on clan list or something to do with clan wars etc

I think stuff like that would be too easy to do in order for that to make one a legend.
All of the legends have literally been influental members of the community.
Being a legend should be exclusive, because whats the point if almost any good player can be a legend.
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I love how you all discuss in here, but this is going in the wrong direction.
I said i'm perfectly fine with no specific rules for becoming legend.
The main question I wanted you guys discuss about is:
Is it fair, that clans have to be dead in order to become legendary?

I mean you can still write your opinion about the other stuff but I'd really like to hear more pro and contra reasons concerning the being dead part.
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yeah I have been thinking a lot about these comments but they have not necessarily something to do with the main topic so I avoided posting too much (maybe not)

as I stated before, I personally find this requirement pointless as the same doesn't apply to legendary players. Anyways, I can see where it came from
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Originally Posted by Oaky View Post
Is it fair, that clans have to be dead in order to become legendary?

No, it's not, and I see no logical reason why one would advocate anything else.

Let's take, for example, [T]. If we compare when [T] was alive to now (when it's dead and legendary), the clan sports the same achievements at both times. Why is the clan considered any more "legendary" now that it's dead? It doesn't make any sense.
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Why would you care about that? I mean, it doesn't matter if your clan is L E G E N D A R Y or not. MAD clan was erased at all. Yes, I like that golden bold font but... If prefix "LEGENDARY" means a lot to you then be happy for those who got that, otherwise tninking about that thing like about something unfair will make you feel bad.
The real legendary rank is in you head. All of them memories, moments and emotions you feel when you think about all these clans you've been with for all these years - that is what really important.
The real question is
Who is jisse?
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you can be a legend without having a little gold sticker my dude.
there are plenty of achievements in toribash that are broken or unacheivable essentially (last time i check a couple years ago atleast)
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