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Old Feb 12, 2019   #1
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Increasing misinformation on the media
I've recently read an article that prompted me to create this discussion due to how ridiculous it was. I feel like at this point you can't even open a single news site without seeing a bunch of opinionated and politically motivated garbage.

The specific article that broke the last straw for me is this: You can read it in full if you want, but I'll summarise it here.

As most of us know, rapper 21 Savage has been arrested by Ice agents earlier this month for overstaying a visa, as it expired around 10 years ago (correct me if I'm wrong). I completely understand that such arrest will prompt some debates and differing opinions. Regardless of those opinions, 21 savage did not have legal rights to remain in US for all this time, so it is fair to claim that he has been arrested for a valid offence.

However, this article claims that 21 Savage has been arrested because of "white supremacy that underlies American policy". They claim that American officials make targeted "attacks" like this against people of colour, to basically deport minorities and keep white people as a majority. It throws around very extraordinary claims, such as "At a young age, black boys and girls learn how to diminish ourselves – be it in the classroom, at the workplace, or walking on the street. We are taught to not attract attention in public spaces, lest we draw the always-watchful eyes of the law.". It is clearly a very opinionated piece of writing, but it presents itself as factual article, going as far as to prompt other journalists to spread the same message.

I am not here to discuss this specific case, but it acts as an example of how current media spews out these articles, which present extreme opinions as facts. I know some of you will probably say "oh, but it's posted in opinion section, so what's the problem?". Well, my issue is that these articles, although in opinion section, do not present the information as an opinion. The statements are formulated as facts, and a random reader who stumbled across this article probably won't even see the tag.
It got to the point where these news outlets are pitting communities against each other for the sake of more clicks. As ironic as it is, most of these journalists claiming to fight racism are the ones prompting people to have racist opinions.

I don't even have a specific topic for this discussion, I just wanted a place to rant about something I found infuriating, however feel free to give your input or tell me why I'm a complete idiot for thinking the way I do, Cheers

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You say you're disgusted at opinionated, politically motivated garbage after reading an opinion piece...

You say it presents opinions as facts even though it's in the opinion section. But it's not trying to be news, it's trying to change minds. Ain't informing, it's persuading. And that's fine. It's what opinion pieces are most times. A 'hot take' on whatever issue, sometimes with a call for action or a recommendation for change. All fine.

What isn't fine is when political motives are tied up with the actual reporting of the news (either by omission/distortion of facts or the introduction of lies). Yeah, some news outlets are pitting communities against eachother, but if you wanna get angry about it, get angry at the actual egregious cases of this in the news, rather than some opinion piece giving an opinion.

My take on the article: It's just making an argument. It's not a good argument but it's not like it's presenting opinions as facts. It's making a controversial statement and then backing it up with reasoning. May be faulty reasoning, but that doesnt matter here.

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Well if this article insists this only happened because 21 savage is black, that's jut plain wrong. If that was the only reason, then it would have happened way earlier than it did. He came here when he was 12 and only had a 1 year visa and 21 savage definitely does not look 13 years old to me.

No this happened because some people don't know when to stfu. If he hadn't criticized ICE's policies he wouldn't have been investigated, and could have continued living in the USA and making rap. He's been a famous dude for a while now, and immigration services definitely had a file saying he wasn't supposed to be here. They almost certainly chose to ignore it until he decided to say some things he probably shouldn't have.

It would have happened if he was white or Asian or any other color as well.

It's like shouting FUCK THE POLICE in front of police while you're breaking the law. It doesn't matter who you are, you're going to get fucked for it.

The article does acknowledge this.... its up to you to read between the lines, the writer can emphasize whatever angle they like to make whatever point they like
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Perhaps it's not increasing?

What if it is constant, but as information from more than one source becomes available as the internet branches out we can actually see the misinformation as it happens.

This is why I don't trust History as a whole. It didn't have the same filter we have now. What was written was written and could be extremely biased or warped and we can't actually know for sure unless there were multiple sources on the same information when it happened.

Something similar happened with the kid in the Maga hat standing ground and the native beating his drum and the black israelites standing behind them. That story got messed up.
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The guardian is not a very good source to look at. It's pretty biased, and not very credible. Though, it is decently big as a site. I wouldn't really bother really arguing over this. But personally, I would look for credible sites with credible authors. As by doing this you won't get misinformed and will have the correct information. TheGuardian shouldn't be your numero 1
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you can look at anything just look at their sources
understand you can't draw inference from surveys, case study's (Correlations are a gray area)
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